The Virgin's Seduction PDF/EPUB ¶ The Virgin's

The Virgin's Seduction PDF/EPUB ¶ The Virgin's Eve Robertson lives a quiet life in a secluded village, and she wants to put her turbulent past behind her However, her newfound stability is threatened with the arrival of Jake RomeroJake is tall, dark anddangerous and he wants virginal Eve His touch leaves her aching for , but her secrets hold her back But how long can she resist Jake s intense, exotic brand of seduction

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  1. Kay Kay says:

    2 Stars Eve s from a troubled childhood and was rescued from Social Services by a grandmother she didn t know existed when she was 15 Her selfish mother had been a teenager when she was born, and she sold Eve to a couple who couldn t ha

  2. iamGamz iamGamz says:

    A good story about a Eve, who got a raw deal in life due to the selfishness of the woman who gave birth to her Eve meets her hero Jake when her mother comes out to the country to visit She believes Jake is her mother s lover and wants nothing to

  3. Dianna Dianna says:

    Jake is driving Cassandra, a woman he is not sleeping with and has maybe dated a couple of times in the last six months, 300 miles to visit her mother in the country Jake likes the English countryside because he s a tourist, but he doesn t seem to like C

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    Boring no idea why I bought this

  5. Tia Tia says:

    Read in May 2010.The hero and heroine meet, the heroine dislikes the hero The heroines mother causes some drama The hero and heroine fall in love The end.

  6. Melinda Melinda says:

    This was so so.there really isn t much to be expected from books like these It is just like every other clich d romance novel storyline out there Abandoned girl, heartless mother, caring grandparent, intrigued and rich guy happily ever after for the poor girl and the rich guy I di

  7. أجمل زهرة أجمل زهرة says:

    431 The Virgin s Seduction , , .

  8. أجمل زهرة أجمل زهرة says:

    431 The Virgin s Seduction , , .

  9. Diya Diya says:

    Low on drama, surprisingly nothing happened it was slow moving story but the hero Jake was super sweet and very smitten with Eve 4 stars because I liked this one despite it being very different from rest of Mather work.

  10. Janine Janine says:


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