90 Degrees to Zamboanga: Memoirs of a 20-year Marijuana

90 Degrees to Zamboanga: Memoirs of a 20-year Marijuana Sometimes comedic and sometimes deadly serious the story is told by one of its major participants Naive college students in the late s, looking for excitement and adventure, smuggle kilos of marijuana on their backs over the Mexican border and into the United States This memoir follows their lives, the cast of characters they meet along the way, and their smuggling adventures for the next two decades as their business ventures rise and fall and their escapades circle the globe, developing into a major criminal enterprise Novemberwe were still ten days sail from our destination in Thailand where the four of us planned to load ourfoot sailboat with a ton of the best marijuana on the face of the planet This would be the largest single load of Thai sticks ever brought to the US to date if we made it home to California However, we d just survived a category four storm that had battered us and left all of our primary navigational equipment waterlogged and useless and us lost somewhere in the Sulu Sea I figured that we may have been blown somemiles off course to the south and were now in some of the most notorious pirate infested waters in the world

10 thoughts on “90 Degrees to Zamboanga: Memoirs of a 20-year Marijuana Smuggling Adventure

  1. Christy Christy says:

    Ebook received as a Goodreads Giveaway 90 Degrees to Zamboanga was a book I wasn t sure if I was going to like or not because of the topic However, I m super into any sort of Memoir, and this was no exception It was full of colorful characters, money, drugs, backstabbing, and adventure You see this 20 year Adventure through the eyes of Rick Bibbero It starts off as a very small Marijuana smuggling operation with a few friends

  2. Rick Meyer Rick Meyer says:

    one would assume that if one were to read a book on the assumption that the story is true they would want that story to be true what we have here is the author s personal memoirs and as such what we are reading is a true account factually and faithfully written that is not the case here a writer s first responsibility is to his readership, that what he is writing about is true, especially under the guise of one s personal memors there

  3. Carrie Nellis Crisp Carrie Nellis Crisp says:

    Perilous Adventures Of A Drug Smuggler Mr Bibbero didn t glorify his activities in his younger years like many do He tells you about the good and bad things that happened to him and others I d actually like to see a movie made to be honest I think this is a well told story and I recommend this crazy truthful tale to anyone.

  4. Heidi Heidi says:

    In this astonishing true story of adventure and survival, Rick Bibbero details how he and his cohorts built an international cannabis cartel The words bring to life Bibbero s story of exploration, adventure, and survival against all odds I could not put the book down Given the rising acceptance of cannabis across the country in 2018, this memoir is a testament to the brave men and women who opened up the U.S marketplace in the 1970s and 1980s Great r

  5. Andrea Andrea says:

    The story was quite detail oriented and interesting The entire time I read this, I kept thinking this would make a great movie And one I would love to watch I could see it being directed by Guy Ritchie There was a balance of humor and solemnity, a cast of crazy characters, and entertaining dialogue I even laughed out loud a few times It was an engaging read that even people who are not normally interested in books about narcotics would find this to be an amu

  6. Kim Kenny Kim Kenny says:

    Great storyI spent liberty time in Patia beach in 1980, five minutes after getting in my hotel room a knock on the door and was asking if we wanted sticks He ll yeah best I ever smoked no comparison to what we bought on the east coast I would love to meet you and tell some of my sea stories But your on the wrong coast and I sailed on a aircraft carrier

  7. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    You know when your stoned friend starts telling a story, and its really long and drawn out and doesn t make much sense, and they go off on 100 tangents along the way thats what reading this is like It s way too long, biased, and not very well written Meh I received a digital copy of this book through a Goodreads Giveaway.

  8. Nancy Lewis Nancy Lewis says:

    Interesting story Obviously biased in favor of the author, but still interesting It could have been cut down quite a bit and gained a lot in the process.

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