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A Man Worth Loving PDF/EPUB ì A Man  PDF/EPUB ² Aubrey Rose can t stand Sammy Halvorsen when they first meet It s only because she s a sucker for a sweet baby that she agrees to be a nanny to his infant son She gets that Sammy s in pain, but he s so busy burying his sorrow he s forgotten to be a fatherAs she comes to know Sammy, however, she starts to fall for him So how can she make him see that his child needs him And when he does, will he still need her, too

10 thoughts on “A Man Worth Loving

  1. Lynn Spencer Lynn Spencer says:

    C at AAR, so 2.5 stars When I eyed the cover of A Man Worth Loving and saw what appeared to be a baby wearing a toupee, I had to remind myself that I am not in the habit of judging a book by its cover If I was, I d miss out on way too much of the romance genre Unfortunately, in this case I should have paid attention to my first reaction and left this one

  2. Leslie Hayden Leslie Hayden says:

    I really enjoyed this book it was nice and paced well, there was no automatic rush near the end like I find in a lot of romance books the characters flowed really well within the story line.

  3. Phylisha Stone Phylisha Stone says:

    A young widower Sammy Halvorsen, still grieving his wifes death has detached from his infant son He engages a young woman Aubrey Rose to become his sons nanny Aubrey Rose is estranged from her family and becomes very attached to the baby as time goes by This is also a family story with Sammy s family and Aubrey s family A good quick read.

  4. Susan Hatler Susan Hatler says:

    This was an adorable, sweet read.

  5. Susinok Susinok says:

    Greiving widower with baby Could have hademotional depth to the story.

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