A Regency Captain's Prize PDF/EPUB ½ A Regency

A Regency Captain's Prize PDF/EPUB ½ A Regency The Captain s Forbidden Miss Captain Pierre Dammartin is a man of honour, but his captive, Josephine Mallington, is the daughter of his sworn enemy and his temptation She is the one woman he should hate, yet her innocence brings hope to his battle weary heart Josephine senses that the hard faced Captain both despises and desires her Although she should fear him, her growing passion will not be ignored But as the Peninsular War rages on, can the strength of their love conquer all that divides them His Mask of RetributionBeautiful Marianne Winslow has had her share of suitors and her share of scandal Three engagements, no wedding And the ton is beginning to talk Smoldering Rafe Knight has lived the past fifteen years of his life with one goal avenging the death of his parents His final target The Earl of Misbourne The perfect bartering tool The Earl s daughter, Marianne Held at gunpoint on Hounslow Heath, Marianne is taken captive by a mysterious masked highwayman Her father must pay the price but Marianne finds than vengeance in the highwayman s warm amber eyes

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  1. shewolf shewolf says:

    A book with two novels in it The first novel was excellent and really held my attention The second novel not quite so enthralling but still a good read I would recommend this book.

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