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A Savage Adoration PDF × A Savage  Kindle - Dominic acted as if nothing had happenedAs though Christy s adolescent advances had not aroused his anger and contempt The humiliation of his words had haunted her since and stood between her and all other menHer career in London had come to a sudden stop because she had been unwilling to engage in an affair, so her ailing mother s need was reason enough to run homeThe last thing she wanted was to see Dominic Savage She disliked and despised him But in the end that proved poor protection against his desires and her own needs

10 thoughts on “A Savage Adoration

  1. KatieV KatieV says:

    3.5 stars I ll round up since it was a nice read on a cold yucky day I enjoyed the atmosphere of the small town on the border of England and Scotland as well as some of the supporting characters like the older Lady and the stuffy old army man who obviously had an old flame for one another Sometimes it s nice to delve into the older HPs that didn t require jaunting all over the world or gazil

  2. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Re A Savage Adoration no connection to Savage Atonement except PJ must have liked the name Savage and we get a hint of the future Official HP Title Generator where you can just replace Savage with Virgin or Billionaire and some adjectives or formal nouns and provide titles for an entire genre of books This is not P

  3. Tatiana Stefan Tatiana Stefan says:

    Reread March 3, 2020So I ve re read this quite a few times already but this last re read I feel as though I totally absorbed it so much that got a different viewpoint about the h H than when I was 12 15 years old So at 12 years old my impression of the h H was down below I feltsympathy for the h than I did the H 12 year old me and my other re reads at various ages felt that H really traumatized

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    I can t respect a heroine who is tempted to sleep with her best friend s husband.

  5. KC KC says:

    Misunderstandings, jealousy and angst rule in this story of unrequited love.Turns out the hero had always loved the heroine I love these kind of stories, but I didn t enjoy this as much as I could have because Dominic acted too distant and cruel to Christy throughout He s especially harsh with her when she tried to seduce him at age 17 cause love , and could have let her downgently instead in my opi

  6. Diya Diya says:

    The story felt a bit dragged on but it started out promising falling flat in the end.

  7. Roub Roub says:

    the heroine was pathetic she was jealous of dominic s interactions wid amanda, awfully aware of him and at the same time, she was barely civil to the man she was so annoying she was back in town as she had been on the brink of sleeping wid a best friend s husband not to say dat at 17, she attempted to seduce dominic her morals were clearly lacking and also, she had a tendency to act slutty yet, she cud

  8. Kay Kay says:

    4 Stars Ms Jordan has a knack of drawing you into the characters lives right from the first pages In this intense lovestory, our heroine, Christy, returns home after eight years away only to find that her teenage crush and the man who humiliated her, has moved in next door to her parents Dominic had crushed her tender heart with brutal words of rejection, words that have stayed with her, scarring her self

  9. sbf20112011 sbf20112011 says:

    A common Penny Jordan plot, and yet I still love it I really like stories where the hero has been in love with the heroine for a long time and she has no idea but we can tell through subtle cues Great emotion and angst.

  10. Aarann Aarann says:

    This is an Old Skool HP, so take it with the normal amount of 80 s era male lead asshattery, female lead TSTL tendencies, vile OW tropes, etc Basically, Christy and Dominic were friends when she was a kid, but when she was 17, she attempted to seduce him and he slapped her down pretty harshly Of course it scawwed her wittle soul and she hasn t been able to have a normal relationship as a result Now, as adults

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