Amish Enterprise: From Plows To Profits PDF ä From

Amish Enterprise: From Plows To Profits PDF ä From The Amish have been a people of the plow for than three centuries An agrarian tradition and a love for the land have shaped their distinctive faith and culture in many ways The farm provided a crib for nurturing large families and stable marriages, a locus for work, and a haven from the vices of the larger world This book tells the story of the Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, who have rather rapidly abandoned their plows for the pursuit of profit from the preface Amish culture has been rooted in the soil since its beginnings inBut what happens when of the members of America s oldest Amish community enter non farm work in one generation How will hundreds of cottage industries and micro enterprises reshape the heart of Amish life Will traditional eighth grade education still prove adequate What about gender roles, child rearing practices, leisure activities, and growing ties with outsiders Amish Enterprise is the first book to discuss the dramatic changes that will affect Amish communities throughout North America Based on interviews with thanAmish entrepreneurs, the authors trace the rise and impact of micro enterprises in Lancaster s Amish settlement over the past two decades They document the proliferation of than a thousand Amish owned enterprises in the Lancaster area somepercent of them boasting annual sales above , Kraybill and Nolt explain why, at a time when the majority of new American business ventures fail, virtually all Amish businesses succeed Amish Enterprise offers surprising insights into the cultural transformation of a plain people who are becoming increasingly entangled in the economic web of modernlife This book explains how the Amish are financially managing in today s economy while adhering to their doctrines This is a text book type book, not a tourism read.

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