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  ☆ Angelfire PDF ñ Librarian Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BABWNC Forget Everything You Know About Angels You Ll Likely Find Alyxandria Slicing Demons With Her Blades Rather Than Plucking At Harp Strings Whether It S With Weapons, Unarmed Or With The Borrowed Magics Of Distilled Angel Blood Tattoos, She Trains Harder Than Any Other Seraphim Warrior To Prove She Is Nothing Like Her Parents Who Abandoned Her To Become RoguesWhen Alyx Starts Displaying The Signs Of A Strange New Magic, Most Don T Believe Her And No One Has Answers For Her She Starts To Investigate For Herself The Web Of Lies She Uncovers Will Shatter Her World And She Ll Be Forced To Risk Everything For Israel, A Mortal She Barely Knows Alyx And Israel Will Soon Realize That Their Destinies Are Inexplicably Tied And That Their Choices Will Determine The Fate Of Earth ItselfIt Begins In AngelfireAngeldust, The Fifth And Final Installment Of The Dark Angel Series Is Now Out

10 thoughts on “Angelfire (Dark Angel, #1)

  1. Liana Liana says:

    First of all, I would like the author for personally taking the time to email me and introduce me to her book I thoroughly enjoyed it Anyways, let s dive right in.I felt l

  2. David Torres David Torres says:

    Ok wow I don t know what took me so long to read this book I got it when it was on a free promotion and I was all meh but I was so wrong I finally got to it and I was blown a

  3. Allison ☾ Allison ☾ says:

    I actually really enjoyed this book It was an easy read, fast paced, action and the romance didn t overpower anything in any way It was fun.

  4. Dani Young Dani Young says:

    Hanna Peach s strong and capable heroine hides an emotional vulnerability that is easily related to The demons wear human faces and the good and righteous are corrupt and deceptive

  5. Atalia • FMR Book Grind Atalia • FMR Book Grind says:

    I think it s easier to let someone else tell you what s right That way you don t have to be responsible for you life That way you have someone else to blame when it doesn t turn out t

  6. Michelle& Michelle& says:

    Angelfire Dark Angel 1 ReviewWow, this was an amazing book I really got into it, and could see the world through Alyx s eyes I will admit a few parts did have me confused, as in I was no

  7. Lillian Lillian says:

    More than anything the path of destiny takes great courage, not the greatest gifts or skill. Mayrekk Angelfire the first book of the Dark Angel series by Hanna Peach took me on such a wond

  8. Lori Lori says:

    PJV Quickie An interesting take on the war between Angels vs Demons, Angelfire is an all around entertaining book with plenty of mystery and romance to keep the reader coming back but the endi

  9. Aman Aman says:

    Reviewed Enticed by BooksOh My Goodness I wasn t expecting to love it this much Angelfire by Hanna Peach is a shockingly great book with a very well thought out world building I was a little skep

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    Source Downloaded for free from .co.uk 18 year old Alyx is an angel or seraphim who works as a lightbringer a soldier in the battle against the demons or darkenings Her parents were both rogues ange

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