Baltimore Unbound: A Strategy for Regional Renewal MOBI

Baltimore Unbound: A Strategy for Regional Renewal MOBI In his highly acclaimed book, Cities without Suburbs, former Albuquerque mayor David Rusk explained why regions with wealthy suburbs surrounding a poor central city face continuing economic hardship Now, in Balti Unbound, he applies his ideas in an illuminating study of Balti s continuing economic stagnation, offering a frank assessment of its causes and possible solutionsPlacing the study in the context of national urban issues, Rusk reviews similar problems and remedial efforts in other citiesPublished by the Abell Foundation

10 thoughts on “Baltimore Unbound: A Strategy for Regional Renewal

  1. Brooks Brooks says:

    A good read but outdated and a pipe dream when it was written The concept does work, the solution well researched and the ghettoization of the entire region s poor is still a problem But the city has changed rapidly since then, losing another hundred thousand people before stabilizing and getting a new influx of affluence which has always been around ju

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