Blaze Duo: The Risk-Taker / One More Kiss PDF ò Duo:

Blaze Duo: The Risk-Taker / One More Kiss PDF ò Duo: The Risk Taker by Kira SinclairAll returned POW Gage Harper wants to do is forget He certainly doesn t want to tell the tale of his heroism to the tabloids Especially since he s no hero But one journalist is determined to get the inside scoop and she s the only girl Gage has never been able to resistHope Rawlings never took Gage s romantic advances seriously growing up After all, she was just his buddy, and a guy like Gage could have any girl he wanted But now she needs his story to get her dream job in the city and is willing to do anything to get itOne More Kiss by Katherine GarberaSince her divorce, cupcake queen Alysse Dresden prefers baking over boysuntil a phone order from a sexy voiced stranger melts her insides like butter It isn t until Alysse makes the delivery in person that she realises that the only man who can do that is her ex husbandAfter Marine Corps ace Jay Michener walked out on his week long marriage, he never stopped thinking of Alysse He wants a second chance But Alysse has plans of her own If the way into a guy s heart is through his stomach, maybe the way out of it is through his bed

10 thoughts on “Blaze Duo: The Risk-Taker / One More Kiss

  1. JOCA JOCA says:

    Although I liked the premises for both of these stories, neither engaged me after several chapters I skimmed through them but they were DNFs for me.

  2. Tegs Tegs says:

    Read the first story unrealistic and did not connect with leads Second story was sappy and again unrealistic DNF

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