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Cards of Love: The Moon Kindle ¸ Love: The  PDF/EPUB She s angry that I left I m angry that I died It s the trouble with our two lives we don t only have one past to work through, but two Double the pain, twice the betrayal A million times the tragedy The Moon is the story of Merlin and Nimue from the New Camelot trilogy It s recommended that you read the trilogy first, as there are American King spoilers in The Moon

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  1. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    You re home, Merlin We re on Bardsey Let s just say that Merlin deserves his catharsis and his story needs to be told He had been plotting, hiding, bringing all the pawns together for the final battle that would ensure the Americn Queen, the American Prince and

  2. Sanaa Sanaa says:

    4 stars Well I ve got nothing I knew I wanted to read this since I found out it was a thing And yeahI read it and I m speechless.

  3. Shabby -BookBistroBlog Shabby -BookBistroBlog says:

    she s angry that I left I m angry that I diedThe mere mention of Merlin from New CAMELOT series , which is THE BEST SERIES by the way, and I was salivating for his story At the end of the series Merlin gives us a glimpse of his power of magic and his ancient life You could

  4. The Book Bee The Book Bee says:

    REVIEW 4 Eternal Stars Happiness is in her nature Just like destroying me isEffortless, but hard hitting That s my phrase for Sierra Simone for the day Actually, I think for always She has a unique way of telling a really great story, with a lot of depth, and this time she did it

  5. Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews* Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews* says:

    I would have heard your voice anywhere Holy freaking wow My love for Sierra Simone s wizadry continues to grow This was a wild ride that left me positively spellbound I don t care what Sierra writes, I ll be there to read it As always her storytelling gift shines brightly.I m a certified

  6. Mimiorphee Mimiorphee says:

    How can I still love herthan I love myself When she is my doom Thanks to The Moon, I discovered Sierra Simone s incredible writing style and her amazing storytelling.This book is the story of Merlin and Nemue I felt for Merlin from the the beginning, utterly enthralled by his story and his emoti

  7. ~Stéphanie& ~Stéphanie& says:

    Reading the New Camelot series, I was always interested in knowingabout Merlin He was definitely not a guy I loved in the series The part he has in all that happened was to big not to resent him a bit But if you know the legend, you also know things needed to happen Can you imagine Having memories of y

  8. Shayna Shayna says:

    You are so beautiful always No matter what you re doing I ve seen living magic and breathing legends, little moon, but you are the wonder of my eyes, you are the sight that steals my breath every single timeCards of Love The Moon is Merlin s novella in Simone s New Camelot Trilogy This little kinky novella sh

  9. Saunders Saunders says:

    When I saw that there was a new series Cards of Love coming out I was intrigued and this was going to be a definite read This is a multi author project and the storylines come from the inspiration of the world of tarot The series becameappealing when I saw that Sierra Simone was involved and her card of choice was t

  10. Wendy ⏃: ✦Cheeky Chicks Blogger✦ Wendy ⏃: ✦Cheeky Chicks Blogger✦ says:

    4 STARS Holy Moses What have I just finished Sierra Simone has transported me back through time I ve always been fascinated with kings and the Legend of Camelot and King Arthur is no different I just ate it all up.Truly a racy and sexy recall of Merlin and Nimue s turbulent past Erotic and passionate like only Sierra knows

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