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Career Counselling  PDF ☆ Career Counselling  PDF or In a changing employment climate and with the growth of demand for careers guidance at all stages of life, careers guidance practice has moved from its positivist world view, with the counsellor as expert and client as passive responder, toholistic constructivist approaches In essence, these approaches view the career as a holistic concept in which work and personal life are inextricably intertwined, and individuals are experts in their own lives, actively constructing their careers.The first to fully explore the constructivist approach, this book provides a theoretical background to constructivism outlines a range of constructivist approaches to career counselling gives examples of the practical application of constructivism.Essential for anyone involved in career guidance wishing to learnabout this vital new approach, this book combines theory with practicable guidance, and represents a new direction for career counselling.

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