Constructing Democratic Governance: South America eBook

Constructing Democratic Governance: South America eBook In Constructing Democratic Governance, Jorge I Dominguez and Abraham F Lowenthal bring together a distinguished group of scholars to assess how well democracy has been working in this volatile part of the world The authors find that serious problems still plague these new democracies Many of these problems are related to the political institutions, including political parties, the civil service, and the justice system Part I introduces broad thematic surveys of such key issues as the role of the left, conservatism, inequality, and indigenous peoples Part II reviews the South American nations Part III focuses on Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, including Cuba In Part IV, the volume editors draw conclusions about the problems and prospects for stable democracies in Latin AmericaIn addition to the complete hardcover edition, Constructing Democratic Governance is available in three paperback volumes, each containing the introduction and conclusion from the complete edition and organized for convenient course use

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