Defending the Faith: J. Gresham Machen and the Crisis of

Defending the Faith: J. Gresham Machen and the Crisis of J Gresham Machen , writes D G Hart, was the scion of a prominent and genteel Balti family, who studied at the finest American and European universities and, while teaching at Princeton Seminary, went on to become one of the United States s leading authorities in New Testament studies Defending the Faith explains how a privileged and learned Protestant became embroiled in the religious disputes of the s, writes Hart This study, he continues, has much to tell us not just about the issues that unsettled some would say unseated mainstream Protestantism s hold on American intellectual and cultural life But it also offers a distinctive and revealing perspective on the way we have come to assess and locate religion, science, and modernity in the early twentieth century This biography, the first of Machen since , originally appeared in

10 thoughts on “Defending the Faith: J. Gresham Machen and the Crisis of Conservative Protestantism in Modern America

  1. Caleb Caleb says:

    This is an excellent biography of an important figure D.G Hart deftly contextualizes J Gresham Machen in the intellectual currents and cultural controversies of the early 20th century Machen emerges as a refreshing foil to the standard political and religious tropes of the late 20th century culture wars a brilliant fundamentalist with independen

  2. Jacob Aitken Jacob Aitken says:

    A decent biography, and my differences with Hart aside, probably one of thereadable ones I think Hart overreads his own spirituality of the church into Machen Yes, Machen probably wouldn t attend Falwell rallies, but Machen did press his faith on the floor of the United States Senate The Two Kingdom guys have never really gotten around that.

  3. Anson Cassel Mills Anson Cassel Mills says:

    D G Hart b 1956 , formerly head librarian at Westminster Seminary, where most of the Machen papers are archived, has here written a careful intellectual biography of perhaps the most gifted conservative American theologian of the early twentieth century As Hart well demonstrates, Machen s religious, political, and social views were hardly typical

  4. Chris Hansen Chris Hansen says:

    Defending the Faith is a fascinating portrayal of one of the most important figures in American Christianity during the last century J Gresham Machen Machen was perhaps the last of the great confessional Presbyterian scholars at Princeton Seminary and was perhaps the central figure in the fundamentalist controversy in the early 20th century He was

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This is the biography of a very important man, who very few people know of today Machen was born into a privileged life, and established himself comfortably at Princeton, where he enjoyed living among the intelligentsia, teaching and training the country s best This suited him well, and it was a life he loved and would not have left behind lightly B

  6. BJ BJ says:

    Fascinating biography of J Gresham Machen by D.G Hart Hart s understanding of Machen and the surrounding religious, political, denominational, and cultural landscape is a pleasure to read Machen is a very complicated figure, and one of great conviction He is a single man, a momma s boy, a brilliant scholar, a theological conservative, a political lib

  7. Tony Tony says:

    Hart writes from a position of sympathy with Machen he attended Westminster Seminary but his affection for many of Machen s position does not cloud his judgment or ability to present Machen as he was warts and all.I m not entirely sure what I was expecting when I began reading this book but I soon realized that this was not it That is not a bad thing

  8. Andy Smith Andy Smith says:

    An excellent book of information, if not as well written as one would have hoped The introduction to Machen s life as well as the feeling of the modernist controversy of the 20s is excellent, and Hart s astute observations on Machen s odd role as enemy and friend of both moderns and fundamentalists are brilliant However, the book is weighed down by Har

  9. Lance Kinzer Lance Kinzer says:

    An extremely readable, careful and balanced consideration of a fascinating man who played a vital role in the modernist vs fundamentalist debates of the 1920 s and 30 Valuable not just for what it has to say about those times, but for its cautionary note regarding the impact on conservative Protestantism when it ignores Machen s warnings about the dange

  10. LJ LJ says:

    A good biographical sketch of a man whose later life was almost tragic He seemed to have suffered a lot of defeats in his professional work, though he managed to rack up a lot of accomplishments throughout his life Some of the material presented here isscintillating than others The chapters on science and Machen s scholarly methodology were very good the

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