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Direct Democracy in Switzerland PDF Þ Direct Only one country in the world Switzerland is a direct democracy, in which, to an extent, the people pass their own laws, judge the constitutionality of statutes, and even have written, in effect, their own constitution In this propitious volume, Gregory Fossedal reports on the politics and social fabric of what James Bryce has called the nation that has taken the democratic idea to its furthest extent The lessons Fossedal presents, at a time of dissatisfaction with the role of money and privileged elites in many Western democracies, are at once timely and urgent

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  1. Thomas Preusser Thomas Preusser says:

    The Swiss, whose democratic heritage is one of the oldest in the world, could serve as a model for improving democratic processes in general The American author, Gregory Fossedal, provides a thorough discussion of Swiss democratic heritage and processes, inclusive of time spent living in Switzerland interviewing numerous Swiss citizens.By most socio economic metrics the Swiss

  2. Thomas Ray Thomas Ray says:

    Heaven and HellIn heaven, the cooks are French, the auto mechanics are German, the cops are British, the lovers are Italian, and everything is run by the Swiss.In hell, the cooks are British, the auto mechanics are French, the cops are German, the lovers are Swiss, and everything is run by the Italians.With apologies to all of the above.

  3. Denise DeRocher Denise DeRocher says:

    A fascinating look into a political system whose participation rate far exceeds anything no other country in the world has ever achieved.

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