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Doctor Who and theSunmakers eBook ¹ Doctor Who  ePUB Everyone knows that Pluto is a barren airless rock So naturally the Doctor is surprised when he discovers artificial suns, an ultra modern industrial city and a group of colonists being worked and taxed to death in this inhospitable and supposedly undeveloped part of the universeWith the help of his companion Leela and the faithful K, the Doctor takes on the mysterious and powerful Company, ruthless exploiter of planets and their people

10 thoughts on “Doctor Who and theSunmakers

  1. Dave Dave says:

    For a long time this episode of Doctor Who was among my favorites and I was finally able to read the paperback based on the show Since it came after the episode by close to 5 years it followed the program pretty much exactly so I could easily visualize everything that was happening given the number of times I have seen the original episode With death and taxes the two certainties in one s life th

  2. Nick Nick says:

    This was an odd story, even for Doctor Who, especially the resolution, which basically made no sense The villain just sort of panics and quits in a way that just doesn t make sense in terms of what has just happened.On the other hand, the story includes some interesting bits of social commentary, such as the fact that none of the workers have any idea what they re actually manufacturing, or even who

  3. Ian Ian says:

    Review here Review here

  4. Van Van says:

    Doctor Who and the Sunmakers, by Terrance Dicks Target, 1982 Original script by Robert Holmes, 1977 127 pages, paperback Number 60 in the Doctor Who Library This is seriously poking the establishment in the eye with a sharp stick The Company has defeated humanity some distant time in the future, not by military force but by sheer economics The Collector has control over the colony on Pluto before it was d

  5. Duckpondwithoutducks Duckpondwithoutducks says:

    This novelisation is of a Doctor Who episode from the time of the 4th doctor He is travelling with Leela, and they land on Pluto, which they had thought uninhabited But when they find a city with artificial suns, air conditioning a gas introduced into the pipes conditions the people to submit to The Company , and a crippling tax system, of course they have to get to the bottom of the matter There is a funny

  6. Nicholas Whyte Nicholas Whyte says:

    return return Doctor Who and the Sunmakers is probably the best of these nine Leela novelisations Dicks clearly appreciated Robert Holmes script and seems to have really got into the spirit of it There is an interesting scene in the book but not in the TV series where Leela encounters some elderly workers waiting for euthanasia Various other minor details are tweaked and basically improved in Dicks telling of t

  7. Mel Mel says:

    I learned this weekend that this was Louise Jameson s favourite Leela adventure I watched the episodes shortly before reading the book and I can see why It s a great story, future distopia, where humans are forced to work and drugged into compliance It s a great comdemnation of capatalism and taxation, and ends with a successful workers rebellion The novelisation only adds a few details to the story, but it does s

  8. Travis Travis says:

    A really good sci fi adventure, which is also a cute satire on the British tax system.Lots of running down corridors, captures, rescues, k 9 action and an odd alien bad guy.Nothing earth shaking, but clever and entertaining.

  9. Daniel Kukwa Daniel Kukwa says:

    Although I don t agree with all of Terrance Dick s reinterpretations in this book he tones down a number of script writer Robert Holmes moments of black humour , it s clearly a story he is enthusiastic aboutand the result is another satisfying novelization from the 4th Doctor s era.

  10. Mike Farris Mike Farris says:

    I didn t really know anything about Doctor Who before I read this and I really enjoyed it I think I ll check out the TV show now.

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