Engineering the Human Germline PDF ¸ Engineering the

Engineering the Human Germline PDF ¸ Engineering the This book explores the many prospects, challenges and ethical questions that surround the engineering of our reproductive cells It is an accessible, three part examination, moving from focused, realistic assessments of the promise and problems for this advancing technology to a section of short essays on the implications of our technological ability Also included is a panel discussion in which leading scientists, ethicists, and public policy workers give voice to their thoughts and concerns regarding our impending genetic technologies Many world leaders in these fields, including Leroy Hood, French Anderson, Mario Capecchi, Daniel Koshland, Michael Rose, Lee Silver, and James Watson, have contributed to this volume, providing the essential elements of the debate over germline engineering If you have ever pondered the question Would I be willing to genetically alter my own child to be, given a safe, reliable technology, offering a tempting possibility , this book will be an indispensable guide

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