The Devil On Horseback PDF/EPUB ✓ On Horseback

The Devil On Horseback  PDF/EPUB ✓ On Horseback Minella Maddox grew up on a great English estate But as the schoolmistress daughter, her place was not, and never could be, at beautiful Derringham Manor And that is where the trouble started, for Derringham s young heir thought he saw in Minella just the kind of wife he wanted But a dark and cruelly handsome French count, who always got what he wanted, thought she was just the kind of mistress he had to have Not for nothing was he called the Devil on Horseback Yet Minella s humble heritage was to prove precious that titles and riches, for it freed her to follow her heart, leading her into adventures and dangers she had never dreamed of It put her directly in the path of another woman s hatred, swept her up into the deadly terrors of the French Revolution and, finally, carried her into the arms of the great and powerful man she loved.

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