From Faust to Strangelove: Representations of the

From Faust to Strangelove: Representations of the They were mad, of course Or evil Or godless, amoral, arrogant, impersonal, and inhuman At best, they were well intentioned but blind to the dangers of forces they barely controlled They were Faust and Frankenstein, Jekyll and Moreau, Caligari and Strangelove the scientists of film and fiction, cultural archetypes that reflected ancient fears of tampering with the unknown or unleashing the little understood powers of natureIn From Faust to Strangelove Roslyn Haynes offers the first detailed and comprehensive study of the image of the scientist in Western literature and film from medieval images of alchemists to present day depictions of cyberpunks and genetic engineers

10 thoughts on “From Faust to Strangelove: Representations of the Scientist in Western Literature

  1. Simon Håkansson Simon Håkansson says:

    A tiny bit repetetive towards the end but stil a great read Appearly a new edition came out in 2017 but it has a different title From Madman to Crime Fighter The Scientist in Western Culture.

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