Gratitude in Education: A Radical View PDF/EPUB ↠

Gratitude in Education: A Radical View PDF/EPUB ↠ Teachers at all levels of education will find this book practical and inspiring as they read how other educators have engaged with challenges that reveal different dimensions of gratitude, and how some have discovered its relevance in gaining greater resilience, improved relationships and increased student engagementIn the first comprehensive text ever written that is solely dedicated to the specific relevance of gratitude to the teaching and learning process, Dr Howells pioneers an approach that accounts for both dilemmas and possibilities of gratitude in the midst of teachers busy and stressful lives She takes a contemporary and philosophical view of the notion of gratitude and goes beyond its conceptualisation simply from a religious or positive psychology frameworkExploring real situations with teachers, school leaders, students, parents, academics and pre service teachers Gratitude In Education A Radical View examines many of the complexities encountered when gratitude is applied in a variety of secular educational environments This book is a fantastic resource for teachers or anyone working with young people Practicing gratitude can make such a difference in the world of young people and the response from my high school students has been phenomenal Kerry Howells is fantastic

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