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Her Best Friend's Husband MOBI Ó Her Best  Kindle - Gabriel Taggert Former naval officer, man of honor and her best friend s husband Cara Thorpe s feelings for the one man she could never have had always been her own shameful secret And when her best friend disappeared without a trace, she lost them both Until a postcard arrived, eight years late.Receiving an eight year old message from her best friend was disturbing enough Now Cara had to face the man she d quietly loved for years Would teaming up with Gabe on a dangerous hunt for the truth jeopardize their own livesand the chance for a future together So the writing was solid But I m having trouble not feeling queasy over the premise The characters are uncomfortable with the idea that the heroine is in love with her dead best friend s husband That makes three of us They come to all kinds of useful realizations about the nature of the previous marriage she never understood him, she was selfish, etc to try to make it OK But it s still not I m still uncomfortable and they still seem uncomfortable by the end of the book also The dead baby doesn t help I think writers, in general, are uncomfortable with the idea of the dead first spouse There s always something that makes it clear that s he wasn t The One Why can t spouse 1 be The One AND spouse 2 Why must we always rubbish spouse 1 All while saying we re not going to because there s no point s he s dead Not to speak ill of the dead, but don t you think she was immature self absorbed weak clingy, etc Remind me never to die It will turn out that I wasn t really The One. Cara Thorpe fell in love with Gabriel Taggert the moment she met him Unfortunately then, he was her best friend s boyfriend, hence untouchable Later he became her best friend s husband And even after Hope Taggert vanished into thin air after six years of marriage, Cara still kept her distance Gabe was Hope s after all.Now, eight years later, Cara has no choice but seek Gabe out She s received a message from the grave, a postcard Hope mailed her on the day of her disappearance And no matter how much she convinces herself what she felt for Gabe was just a crush, the moment she sees him, her feelings resurface, stronger than ever But neither of the two has time to dwell on their feelings and changes, they have a mystery to solve.A cute little friends to lovers story with a nice side dish of suspense, but unfortunately I wasn t convinced by the romance aspect It just came sort of out of the blue, just like oh, there you are, we might just get it done and see what happens Sure, she s been in love with him since the beginning, but he saw her only as a friend, then she changes her appearance slightly, develops confidence and he just seems drawn to her But of course, not because she s a strange kind of link to his wife, but because he s never noticed how deep she was before.It seemed too easy and sudden they haven t spoken for eight years , and I just didn t buy it.I loved the suspense subplot, though All the twists and turns, the secrets and red herrings Nicely done and superbly written with good pacing.If only the romance were done a little differently, not so rushed, subtle, something It just didn t sound believable, that s all Although, I loved Gabe s confession about not being that kid with Hope any That if he met them both now, eight years later, he probably wouldn t be looking at Hope, but at her friend That was a nice touch, but still it didn t compensate for everything else that was amiss with this romance.3 stars SRS 1525 4 stars

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