Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels

Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels With the emergence of cultural studies and the blurring of once clear academic boundaries, scholars are turning to subjects far outside their traditional disciplines and areas of expertise In Higher Superstition scientists Paul Gross and Norman Levitt raise serious questions about the growing criticism of science by humanists and social scientists on the academic left This paperback edition of Higher Superstition includes a new afterword by the authors

10 thoughts on “Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels with Science

  1. Bukk Bukk says:

    Imagine you held a belief so fervently that it superseded everything else in your life, came above every other value, principle, or claim that you were exposed to, for this almighty worldview and belief system was of utmost importance And imagine that the subject of your unyielding faith was, unfortunately, built upon faulty ideas, flawed understanding, irrational concepts And imagine, then, that sometime around the 17th century, a highly rational, rea

  2. DoctorM DoctorM says:

    Another dreary attack by physics cultists on the humanities Gross wants to defend science , and though the enemies of science these days are on the Right climate change deniers, anti evolutionists his targets are postmodernist and post structuralist thinkers of the academic Left He seems to be terrified of studies that look at science in a cultural context, or of critical theory that asks who gets to define and impose knowledge in society Any discipline

  3. Dfordoom Dfordoom says:

    The Higher Superstition The Academic Left and Its Quarrels with Science by Paul R Gross and Norman Levitt reveals the terrifying irrationality of the left wing elites that control the universities and the bullying tactics they use to enforce political correctness Silly French intellectual fads such as postmodernism have of course done much of the damage and Gross and Levitt have a good deal of fun demolishing thier follies They were also among the first

  4. Dovie Dovie says:

    I m pulled in two quite different directions by this book, so any endorsement comes with significant reservations First, I must say that I largely agree with the primary thesis of this book postmodernists, cultural constructivists, radical environmentalists, and other ideological groups in academia have put forth distressing, inaccurate, and poorly informed critiques of science or else have co opted science when it conveniently supports an agenda and then

  5. Emanuel Landeholm Emanuel Landeholm says:

    This is a really good book Academia is really full of crap these days Case in point quackademic medicine So called alternative medicine taught by reputable medical institutions There are pockets of real science being done here and there but the rest of it is all sell out, fads and ideology And that s coming from a dyed in the wool lefty, mind you This is a really good book Academia is really full of crap these days Case in point quackademic medicine So cal

  6. John John says:

    Two smug conservatives go yah boo sucks at leftie straw men That s not quite an accurate summary of this book, but it conjures up perfectly my feelings all the while I was reading it revulsion at the abominably orotund and self congratulatory writing style, profound irritation that despite a half hearted attempt in the introductory pages to claim non partisanship the authors were framing their very justified criticisms of sloppy, antiscientific thinking as

  7. Andres Sanchez Andres Sanchez says:

    Necesario si uno quiere entender c mo disciplinas del calibre de los estudios culturales que no son ni una cosa ni la otra han contaminado y prostituido el discurso cient fico, y c mo la ciencia trata de resistir este ataque que, en aras de ser m s correcto, resulta ser da ino y peligroso para la ciencia y la civilizaci n.

  8. Max Nova Max Nova says:

    This is the hardest I ve laughed for any book in my 2017 reading theme Higher Superstition is a wickedly perceptive takedown of the absurdities of the academic postmodern left and their perspectivist critique of science Gross and Levitt defend the epistemological integrity of science from the relativist onslaught with a biting wit and a cavalier disregard for political correctness The book is a useful conservative counterbalance to Otto s generally liberal Th

  9. Benjamin Benjamin says:

    Skip this one I am biased in favor of the overall thesis, but the presentation is exceedingly dry The authors are aping the puffed up language of those they are attacking, and 250 pages is far too long for that particular joke When the authors simply summarize work they waded through while they were preparing the book, the reader is treated to such gems as Hunter Adams, an apparently respected academic who, in his zeal to promote African culture, has made clai

  10. Mark Isaak Mark Isaak says:

    The target of this book, postmodernism, has thankfully dwindled in quantity and influence as its absurdities became undeniable Much of the book s relevance, thus, is past Still, many of the arguments still apply to today s post truth attitudes Plus, the take downs are fun to read.However, Gross and Levitt seriously fail with one of their arguments In arguing about extremist claims of the environmental movement, they consider probability of the threat coming to

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