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Hardcover  À In Your Shoes PDF ☆ In Your  PDF or The critically acclaimed author of Lily and Dunkin delivers another heartfelt story that will remind readers you never know who needs a friend the most, about two imaginative tweens who help each other find new beginningsMiles is an anxious boy who loves his family s bowling center even if though he could be killed by a bolt of lightning or a wild animal that escaped from the Philadelphia Zoo on the way there Amy is the new girl at school who wishes she didn t have to live above her uncle s funeral home and tries to write her way to her own happily ever after Then Miles and Amy meet in the most unexpected way and that s when it all begins

10 thoughts on “In Your Shoes

  1. John John says:

    We can enjoy our messy, imperfect lives so muchwhen we simply live in the moment, filled with gratitude for exactly what it is Donna Gephart, from In Your Shoes

  2. Claire Hobson Claire Hobson says:

    I loved this book so much It was so sweet and the characters moved me so much I was sad and happy

  3. Samantha (WLABB) Samantha (WLABB) says:

    Rating 4.5 StarsWhat happens when the anxious bowler s shoe hits the lonely new girl on the head They strike up a great friendship, of course Pro This book delivered so many feels It was touching and heartwarming and just so precious and sweet I swear my heart exploded over and over

  4. Maura Maura says:

    I loved Lily and Dunkin and fully expected to love In Your Shoes I think grief is underrepresented in middle grade and children s fiction, and given Gephart s sensitive handling of bipolar disorder in Lily and Dunkin, I was looking forward to another nuanced character in Miles, with anxiety

  5. Lesley Lesley says:

    It s difficult to write about loss because everyone experiences loss differently, but death has become all too common, and teachers need novels to help their students deal with loss and gain empathy for their peers who are coping with grief 1.2 million children will lose a parent to death before a

  6. Stephanie Ward Stephanie Ward says:

    In Your Shoes is a wonderful new contemporary middle grade novel that tackles important topics such as mental illness, friendship, trust, trying to fit in, and family I don t normally read this genre, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book The story was sweet and definitely relevant to today

  7. Joanne Kelleher Joanne Kelleher says:

    I enjoyed many elements of this book the bowling alley setting , which you don t see too often Amy turns to writing for solace the book is divided into ten sections, the number of frames in a game of bowling, and a bowling score sheet appears the beginning of each section no bullies Amy s friends from her befor

  8. Savannah Hendricks Savannah Hendricks says:

    Even though I m 38, I related to Amy and her need to not spend much time in the lunch room When I was in school I used to sit in the hall on the floor to avoid the lunch room I didn t find peace in the library like Amy, because I hated reading, because it was hard for me at that time Again, Donna doesn t disappoint He

  9. Ms. B Ms. B says:

    Cute, realistic fiction story about young love first love between middle schoolers Very innocent, school dance and a first kiss.Amy and Miles, Randall and Tate it made it even cuter that everyone was friends to begin with Amy has just moved to town after her mother s death Miles s family runs a bowling alley Randall who wore

  10. Stormi (BMReviewsohmy) Stormi (BMReviewsohmy) says:

    3.5 starsSo contemporary is not my usual genre, but I was curious about this one because of the blurb on the back, I will admit that it took me a bit to get into it but overall I did enjoy it.It s about a couple of odd middle graders and the awkwardness that goes along with meeting new people and becoming friends.Miles pretty much

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