Inventing Iron Man: The Possibility of a Human Machine

Inventing Iron Man: The Possibility of a Human Machine Tony Stark has been battling bad guys and protecting innocent civilians since he first donned his mechanized armor in thedebut of Iron Man in Marvel Comics Over the years, Stark s suit has allowed him to smash through walls, fly through the air like a human jet, control a bewildering array of weaponry by thought, and perform an uncountable number of other fantastic feats The man who showed us all what it would take to become Batman probes whether science and humankind is up to the task of inventing a real life Iron ManE Paul Zehr physically deconstructs Iron Man to find out how we could use modern day technology to create a suit of armor similar to the one Stark made Applying scientific principles and an incredibly creative mind to the question, Zehr looks at how Iron Man s suit allows Stark to become a superhero He discusses the mind boggling and body straining feats Iron Man performed to defeat villains like Crimson Dynamo, Iron Monger, and Whiplash and how such acts would play out in the real world Zehr finds that science is nearing the point where a suit like Iron Man s could be made But superherodom is not just about technology, and Zehr also discusses our own physical limitations and asks whether or not an extremely well conditioned person could use Iron Man s armor and do what he doesA scientifically sound look at brain machine interfaces and the outer limits where neuroscience and neural plasticity meet, Inventing Iron Man is a fun, direct, and parallel comparison of comic book science fiction with modern science If you ve ever wondered whether you have what it takes to be the ultimate human machine hero, then this book is for you

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  1. Bernie Gourley Bernie Gourley says:

    As the title suggests, this book examines whether Iron Man could exist in the real world As with Michio Kaku s book Physics of the Impossible, answering the question involves defining the various meanings of impossible One way to parse the question is, Is Iron Man possible today given the existing state of technology In and of itself, this question is of limited interest because the answer is, no There s certainly a demand, and so if Iron Man could exist given

  2. Martinc Martinc says:

    When reading superhero comics or watching movies about the such, it is very likely to question whether their feats or abilities were able to exist in the real world While a real life Superman may be quite far fetched, the existence of Iron Man actually seems feasible given the technology currently available to us This book makes a brilliant, scientific evaluation of the engineering necessary to build an Iron Man armor It also analyzes the effects of such an exoskele

  3. Sagar Ladhwani Sagar Ladhwani says:

    I picked up the book expecting to read about the amazing technology that goes into the making of the brilliantly engineered suit that we call Iron Man, expecting explanations of all the sophisticated tech that would have went into the marvel that Tony Stark has created.But it turned out to be something different Actually,like what the title suggests Written by a neuro scientist you can guess what the content would be like, It revolves a lot around the current state of pro

  4. Collin Collin says:

    3.5 Not great, somewhat disappointing Not a big fan of the author s style The book is a lot of neuroscience and considering how an Iron Man suit could connect to one s brain and how the body would adapt to it.

  5. Indah Threez Lestari Indah Threez Lestari says:

    316 2019

  6. Robert Frost Robert Frost says:

    One of the most prevalent themes of speculative fiction is the examination of the idea of improving a human through the use of technology There are a myriad of versions, whether it be through bionic implants, cyborgs, or full up androids housing human minds, but the most successful execution of the idea is likely the story of Iron Man Iron Man was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics, in 1963 He s appeared inthan a 1000 comic books, several animat On

  7. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Review reposted from my blog, There needs to bebooks like this.A couple of years ago, I read and reviewed a book called Becoming Batman The Possibility of a Superhero Unlike many other superhero meets something topics usually that something is philosophy related , this one interested me on two fundamental levels it talked about Batman from the appreciative standpoint of specific comic book issues, and it showed me with rock hard, scientific proof which aspects Review repost

  8. Ramie Ramie says:

    When I saw this in vine, I went back in forth this or something else.I mgeeky in that I love comics, robots, the concepts behind the things in this book Less nerd in that if you go all full on deep science and medical and math, you might lose me if it leads us down a long curving road of technical mumbo jumbo Would I understand what the heck a professor of neroscience had to say on the subject Thank goodness I did settle on this book and he realized not all of us are his students.In f When I saw this

  9. Sdluvingit Sdluvingit says:

    I know that when I was a kid I would read the super hero comics and dream of becoming one of those heroes Of course, for most of the superheros, the powers were fantastical, but a few were within the realm of possibility E Paul Zehr also had these dreams and, a professor of neuroscience and kinesiology, has continued his explorations of the actual possibilities of ourhuman superheros In Becoming Batman The Possibility of a Superhero he looks at the limits of human performance and whet I know that when I was

  10. Jak VanHoose Jak VanHoose says:

    Inventing Iron The Possibility of a Human Machine is a very intriguing informational book that discusses the possibilities of achieving very similar or almost the same technological achievements reached by those in Marvel Comics Particularly Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man Paul Zehr is not the average nerd writing about his theories about on an online blog, no he is a neurologist who has actually done many studies contributing to Iron Mans development As you go through this book you will be tol Inventing Iron The Possi

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