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Paperback  Õ Invisible Lives PDF ñ From the acclaimed author of Imaginary Men comes an enchanting new novel about a young woman with an uncanny ability to see deep into every heart but her own Lakshmi Sen was born with a magical ability to perceive the secret longings in others Putting aside her own dreams to help run her widowed mother s struggling Seattle sari shop, Mystic Elegance, Lakshmi knows exactly how to bring happiness to customers from lonely immigrants to starry eyed young brides And to honor her father s dying wish, she has agreed to marry a respectable Indian doctor who will uphold her family s traditions But when a famous Indian actress chooses Mystic Elegance to provide her wedding trousseau, Lakshmi finds herself falling for the actress s sexy chauffeur all American Nick Dunbar and her powers seem to desert her just as she needs them most As Nick draws Lakshmi into his world, however, new dreams awaken in her, and she begins to uncover deeper, startling longings in her mother, her friends, her fiance, and even herself But choosing between Nick and her fiance seems an impossible task, like intuiting the very nature of true love Is it instantly recognizable or does it need time to grow And how can she possibly know for sure

10 thoughts on “Invisible Lives

  1. Regan Regan says:

    INVISIBLE LIVES is a sweet and sort of predictable read in that chick lit way, but the Indian and paranormal twists make it good fun and add a unique element to thepredictable parts of the story.Lakshmi is a powerful and memorable character, and her story is a fun, fast paced read The story is quite well written, and Lakshmi s extra abilities are approache

  2. Heather Heather says:

    I was so excited to hear about this author I love light and fluffy books with magical realism A book set in a sari shop by an ownvoices author sounded wonderful.Lakshmi Sen is visited by the goddess Lakshmi in utero and given a gift of being able to know what people want She is also made incredibly beautiful but is warned to hide that beauty for reasons tha

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Rats This was a book I really, really wanted to like As a friend remarked, the bones of the book were really good, it just didn t have the flesh.Lakshmi s beauty was part of the theme of invisible lives, but it was remarked upon on almost every other page, which got old quickly Plus, it took away from exploring the invisible lives of the other characters the

  4. Hannah Hannah says:

    I really wanted this book to be good I was looking forward to reading a romance novel featuring an Indian American heroine for a change, since non white protagonists are so underrepresented in the genre But while some of the references to Indian culture and the descriptions of the saris in Lakshmi s shop were interesting, as a whole, this book was a huge disa

  5. Christy Christy says:

    Kind of interesting but lacked a believable romance I enjoyed the sari shop setting but I was really annoyed at how often characters were shrieking or screeching at each other Nick was a complete cipher of a person, except for having a great family in contrast to her previous boyfriend s family who could never have accepted an Indian I found it odd that the sa

  6. Michele Michele says:

    This book was boring It was predictable and I really wasn t crazy about the writing For example, the main character is supposed to be beautiful Well, in every other sentence the author wrote how pretty she was, she is so stunning, she is so gorgeous, she created car accidents because of her beauty.OK I GET IT SHE IS BEAUTIFUL It was a bit ridiculous

  7. Erin (PT) Erin (PT) says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I wanted to like Invisible Livesthan I did I did enjoy it, but in the end I found the conceit better than the execution The main flaw of the book, I feel, is it s first person point of view First person isn t a deal breaker for me I don t have preferences in that respect, but there a

  8. Jmp Jmp says:

    I can t remember where or when I read this wonderful book But here, years later, I still remember it as enchanting and haunting I loved the mystical idea that she could perceive the just right Sari for each customer.

  9. Gina Marinacci keolker Gina Marinacci keolker says:

    I loved the mystical world and insight into Indian culture in this book.

  10. Joy Joy says:

    I needed something light and fluffy, and this delivered.

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