Landon Carter's Uneasy Kingdom: Revolution and Rebellion

Landon Carter's Uneasy Kingdom: Revolution and Rebellion Landon Carter, a Virginia planter, left behind one of the most revealing of all American diaries In this astonishingly rich biography, Isaac mines this remarkable document and many other sources to reconstruct Carter s interior world as it plunged into revolution The aging patriarch, though a fierce supporter of American liberty, was deeply troubled by the rebellion and its threat to established order His diary, originally a record of plantation business, began to fill with angry stories of revolt in his own little kingdom Carter writes at white heat, his words sputtering from his pen as he documents the terrible rupture that the Revolution meant to him Indeed, Carter felt in his heart that he was chronicling a world in decline, the passing of the order that his revered father had bequeathed to him Not only had Landon s king betrayed his subjects, but Landon s own household betrayed him his son showed insolent defiance, his daughter Judith eloped with a forbidden suitor, all of his slaves conspired constantly, and eight of them made an armed exodus to freedom The seismic upheaval he helped to start had crumbled the foundations of Carter s own home In Landon Carter s Uneasy Kingdom Rhys Isaac unfolds not only the life, but also the mental world of our countrymen in a long distant time Moreover, in this presentation of Landon Carter s passionate narratives, the diarist becomes an arresting new character in the world s literature, a figure of Shakespearean proportions, the Lear of his own tragic kingdom This long awaited work will be seen both as a major contribution to Revolution history and a triumph of the art of biography

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  1. Jim Jim says:

    Landon Carter was a wealthy plantation owner in Virginia in the decades preceding the American Revolution This book, which is a history not historical fiction, tells of his life from about 1760 until his death in 1778 and is based on historical documents but mostly in Carter s diaries They paint a picture of man who was torn between his paternalistic approach to his family, plantation and politics

  2. Zjay Zjay says:

    This work focuses on Landon Carter 1710 1778 The author is interested in showing us how this man thought Because he was one of the wealthiest men in Virginia, how he thought is very important Having considered himself a patriotic citizen of the British empire for 50 years, having studied in London, having lived the privileged life available only to men who could surround themselves with hundreds of

  3. Glenn Robinson Glenn Robinson says:

    A somewhat dry book on the life of Landon Carter Landon was part of the wealthy Carter clan and he owned a number of plantations on the Northern Neck and Middle Neck Sabine Hall was his home and this era covers from right before the French Indian War to soon after the American Revolution This book takes most of the information from his diary and littlethan that What is interesting is his view of the g

  4. Sam Ulmschneider Sam Ulmschneider says:

    Absolutely fantastic use of a variety of excellent sources to weave a compelling narrative which brings an era of history and reifies it in one man and his psychology and context Just sublime Best read in months and months.

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