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One Gay Day eBook Ð One Gay  Kindle - Jeremy, a recent college graduate, has a horrible fight with his girlfriend that sends him on a drunken drive through the country He eventually comes to his good senses and decides to pull over for the night and sober up When he awakes, Jeremy finds a strange man tapping on his window and starts a day filled with new experiences that may change his life forever

10 thoughts on “One Gay Day

  1. SophieInk SophieInk says:

    Jeremy and Shaun were both very nicely developed and they seemed like real people to me There wasn t very much conflict for Shaun aside from loneliness, but Jeremy had enough conflict for everyone Actually, I really enjoyed reading this story Mainly, because the characters were so cute and interesting I also applaud the diversity I ve read in this author s books when it comes to penis size and lovemaking techniques Every chara

  2. Sam Sam says:

    I loved the beginning of this story It started off real well with characters that were easy to understand and follow The characters were fleshed enough that they were believable.The thing that I didn t like is towards the end when they hook up it sort of rushes and leaves an unfinished feeling There was just something missing for me and I m not exactly sure what it was Other than that it was an interesting, sexy and surprisingly cute

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