Positively Tarot: A Modern Guide to a Mindful Life ePUB

Positively Tarot: A Modern Guide to a Mindful Life ePUB Want to make major changes or improvements to your life Or learn how to deal with day to day events Maybe just looking to shake things up Positively Tarot is a unique, illustrated guide that teaches readers how to ultimately find purpose, well being, and happinesstheir personal life, professional life, finances, or healthDesigned for those who are ambitious in their learning but also want to be time efficient, this book highlights key terms and uses a logic based key coded system to easily understand the complexities of reading the tarotIn the perfect book for beginner or experienced tarot readers, emma toynbee perfectly explains how the tarot can provide all important answers to the many questions in lifeAuthor Emma Toynbee is a professional metaphysician, clairvoyant reader, astrologer and fine artist trained at St Martins in London She studied and has previously taught at the London College of Psychic Studies and runs a London based practice in Liverpool Street, London She makes regular appearances at high profile PR and corporate events as a professional tarot reader, most recently at and Google events She lives in London, England

10 thoughts on “Positively Tarot: A Modern Guide to a Mindful Life

  1. Veronica Veronica says:

    Unfortunately this book was written from too much of a psychological perspective for me, getting caught up in psychology jargon But I did appreciate the level of detail written about each card, as well as the dif

  2. Shayona Shayona says:

    This book is super detailed After purchasing many books that do not go in depth of understanding of these symbols I am relieved to have finally found one I can follow and understand clearly This book is a God send

  3. Elspeth Anne Elspeth Anne says:

    Only my second book on Tarot, but I felt it wasclear and helpful to new tarot readers.

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