Powering Apollo: James E. Webb of NASA PDF/EPUB ´

Powering Apollo: James E. Webb of NASA PDF/EPUB ´ When President Kennedy issued his well known challenge to reach the moon and return safely before the end of the s, the immediate responsibility for undertaking the task fell toyear old NASA director James E Webb Eight years later, when the Apollospacecraft splashed down safely in the Pacific and the screens in NASA s Mission Control at Houston flashed the words Task Accomplished, it was Webb who deserved much of the credit In Powering Apollo, W Henry Lambright explores Webb s leadership role in NASA s spectacular success success that is rare in ambitious government policies and programsA North Carolina native and Congressional staff member, Jim Webb had served in Congress, worked in the Truman administration, and risen to high office in the defense and energy industries bywhen Kennedy named him to head the new National Aeronautics and Space Administration Examining Webb s role as both Washington insider and government program director, Lambright probes the skills and experience that equipped him to handle his enormous responsibilities He also shows how Webb s performance reflected important changes in twentieth century public life, including the concentration of political power in Washington expansion of the federal bureaucracy the rise of big science and visions of cooperation among government, industry, and higher education I learned a great deal about the most important chief executive in NASA history, Jim Webb His steady leadership helped to persuade Congress to continue supporting Apollo despite the shifting political winds of the 1960s. Incredibly detailed look at James Webb, who made Apollo happen Not a casual read,but an important one. Essential reading for anyone considering starting a programme to get to the Moon that involves politics and deadlines.

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