Professors and Their Politics PDF ↠ Professors and

Professors and Their Politics PDF ↠ Professors and Professors and Their Politics tackles the assumption that universities are ivory towers of radicalism with the potential to corrupt conservative youth Neil Gross and Solon Simmons gather the work of leading sociologists, historians, and other researchers interested in the relationship between politics and higher education to present evidence to the contrary In eleven meaty chapters, contributors describe the political makeup of American academia today, consider the causes of its liberal tilt, discuss the college experience for politically conservative students, and delve into historical debates about professorial politicsOffering readable, rigorous analyses rather than polemics, Professors and Their Politics yields important new insights into the nature of higher education institutions while challenging dogmas of both the left and the right

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  1. Jurij Fedorov Jurij Fedorov says:

    2 stars as a book3 stars as a debate input from the pro liberal academia side for people with expertise on the area5 stars for the first chapterBiases pro liberal academia, pro no change in academia, blank slate focus with no discussion of genetic variables even though we know they play a huge role in this s

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