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Paperback  Õ Prostitute Laundry Epub ñ In the winter of , writer and sex worker Charlotte Shane sent out her confessional letter to a small but devoted mailing list In the months that followed, readership grew to over , subscribers who followed her candid, unstinting, sometimes heartbreaking meditations Word spread quickly, garnering the project recognition from outlets such as The Washington Post and NPRThis intimate investigation is one young woman s best attempt at understanding her own rich, conflicted life, and the forces that act upon it The collection is a thoughtful serial memoir about love, sex, money, and identity how those forces can break us, and how they can make us whole again

10 thoughts on “Prostitute Laundry

  1. Antonia Crane Antonia Crane says:

    Charlotte Shane s epistolary memoir about her internal journey as a high paid escort made me curious about the fact I never got to be a boy crazy sex worker Touch and access to my skin was an annoying necessity on the way to financial freedom, but Charlotte Shane seeks intimacy, sexual attention, kindness and genuine tenderness from even crushes out on men who

  2. Emma Roberts Emma Roberts says:

    I wish it hadn t, but this book made me profoundly angry.When you read someone s account of their own experiences, you want to be nodding your head you want generally to feel like they are being frank with you, or at least frank with themself about themself Reading Prostitute Laundry is like being strapped to a chair while someone plays you a propaganda film ab

  3. Irene Irene says:

    A modern day Ana s Nin opens her heart and dumps it out on the floor in front of us Intimate reflections on infatuation, love, sex and sex work, and their fallout in a young woman s day to day life Charlotte Shane is on an endless emotional roller coaster and this collection of chronological, diaristic personal essays takes us along with her.At times, the narrat

  4. Liz Liz says:

    Hmm, this was interesting but ultimately I wouldn t recommend There were some parts especially in the middle that were beautifully written passages that really hit you in the gut But there were lots of other parts where basically, our narrator is describing texts and e mails back and forth with her various lovers sex work customers My eyes glazed over just typing

  5. Natalie S. Natalie S. says:

    I started reading Charlotte Shane s newsletter in August 2014, so I had read about half of these essays before But reading them consecutively, start to finish, was revelatory Prostitute Laundry changed the way I think and feel about intimacy and sex and love I snapped photos of and revisited so many passages that I almost want them tattooed on my body I was sorry

  6. Merritt K. Merritt K. says:

    Shane is an incredible writer and has a real skill for discussing topics like intimacy, money, and sex in ways that dodge the tropes surrounding them The first two thirds of the book were especially captivating Things started to drag a little for me in the final third, when the focus shifts to Shane s relationship with a particular man Probably this is a consequenc

  7. Julie Julie says:

    I had a lot of mixed feelings about Prostitute Laundry, but kept pushing forward for Shane s writing Honest, thoughtful, and engaging, Shane is a master at explaining her thoughts and her heart Passages hit me in the gut, they made me laugh, they made me put the book down to process for a few seconds before I could continue.It was easy to blow through Prostitute Lau

  8. Shaoroun Shaoroun says:

    2.75Took a long time to read due to personal matters There were bits that were interesting for me apart from the sex but also i thought this was going to be a very different biography.

  9. Jess Jess says:

    I can t remember the last time a book affected me this much Maybe never It took me a while to read because I kept having to stop and absorb after each email chapter sometimes in the middle of one Charlotte Shane is an incredible writer and so honest in her self reflection, it almost makes you feel like a liar by comparison This book was so thought provoking and beauti

  10. Shannon B. Shannon B. says:

    Charlotte Shane can deftly dissect a social situation with her soft and resolute author s voice This book, however, is not representative of her enormous talent This book features an addict, light years from any admission that a problem exists, living the emotion vomit coaster of sex addiction Addicts are narcissists and they bore.There s no insight here This is not Ni

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