10 thoughts on “Reportage on Crime: Thirteen Horror Happenings That Hit the Headlines

  1. kwesi 章英狮 kwesi 章英狮 says:

    I don t know what really happened to the Filipino youth now a days, including me I never understand why we love to read foreign novels and never tried to read books and short stories of our local authors and samples of our national artist, Nick Joaquin

  2. Kristel Kristel says:

    It s not quite as journalistic as I expected, the stories often have some editorialized comments regarding morality But once I got over that, I found it pretty enjoyable A bit of probably unintended hilarity with the juxtaposition of cheerfully bucolic 1960s Man

  3. Michael David Michael David says:

    Nick Joaquin is recognized by a good number of Filipinos to be among the greatest Filipino writers With his well written May Day Eve and Summer Solstice, he certainly made a good case for himself However, even in spite of his wide knowledge of the modern classics from Fi

  4. Ara Santiago Ara Santiago says:

    Reportage on Crime is a collection of 13 grim stories with lush poetic writing style painting the old Manila as the pitiful host of scandals and carnage As each chapter presents a different tragic story, I found some are easier to chew than the others Even though Nick Joaquin s i

  5. Brian Codilan Brian Codilan says:

    He is the EA Poe of the Philippine Literature, no doubt about it These 13 horror happenings took place way back in dekada sisenta when crimes were, just like of today s, too brutish to air on radios tvs and you d wish did not actually happened to a life.

  6. Annabelle Annabelle says:

    The headlines that dominated the Philippine crime scene of the sixties A different era, a different place The same inherent corruption the powerful will get away case in point Banjo Laurel Except in the case of Maggie de la Riva s rapists.

  7. Mike Mike says:

    Pretty good read Particularly moved by the story of Boy Vergel, and cringed at the crimes in a house on Zapote Street and at the RCA office A few chapters had intros that were too long, but the stories were interesting nonetheless.It s a crime to not read this book Hehe

  8. Marianne Marianne says:

    In the dimly lit streets and uneven stone cold pavements of Manila, criminal minds lurk in every corner The city lights coming from the nearby disco bars and blinking street lamps illuminates all the crime happenings every night Nick Joaquin s, Reportage on Crime Thirteen Horror Happenings That Hit the Headlines is

  9. Bay Bay says:

    In the 1960s, where the year blues music was starting to become popular, the year Marcos would ascend to the Presidency, the year Man would walk to the Moon, the Philippines was hit with Crime that shocked the entire islands Although not as horrifying as today, it can still strike into our hearts, and bring terror to anyone

  10. Richard Richard says:

    Hooked me with the first 2 stories, after which it went downhill and I read just to finish up Nice peek into that old decade in Manila though With side story of Erap too

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