Southeastern Wetlands: A Guide To Selected Sites In

Southeastern Wetlands: A Guide To Selected Sites In Lace up your sneakers, hiking boots or waders and tuck this book in your backpack It s all you need to begin exploring the South s beautiful swamps, marshes, bogs, seeps and savannas You ll be fascinated by the rare plants and animals you ll meet in these southern meadows, creeks and rivers This guide towetlands in five states includes the history of each wetland, maps, directions, where to stay suggestions, opening times, and informational contacts Impressive photographs compliment this coffee table quality guide What will you find Tupelo trees and pawpaws along the Alcovy River Greenway in Georgia Carnivorous Venus flytraps, pitcherplants, and sundew in North Carolina s Green Swamp Preserve Bobcats, diamondback rattlesnakes and American alligators that you can glimpse up close from a wooden walkway that crosses the Pocosins Salamander spawning grounds hidden in Kentucky s Cave Run Lake Highly recommended for nature explorers, armchair travelers, teachers and students, environmental managers, and policy makers And if you re not going south Southeastern Wetlands will inspire you to find out about your own wetlands Photography by John Netherton and Tom Blagden, Jr

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