Stalin: Revolutionary in an Era of War Epub Ñ Stalin:

Stalin: Revolutionary in an Era of War Epub Ñ Stalin: Stalin s massive impact on Soviet history is often explained in terms of his inherent evil, personality defects, and power lust This volume argues that Stalin s thoughts and actions are best contextualized in the inter relationship between war and revolution in the first half of the twentieth century Kevin McDermott incorporates recently declassified materials from the f

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  1. my name is corey irl my name is corey irl says:

    gives a pretty dece overview of the various appraisals of koba w n establishment academia BUT all that really translates to is a bunch of passages where the author s all like concerning the five year plan i prefer the assessment of bougie turbodork to paid off hack like robert fucking conquest NO THANKSp.s scarequotes around western imperialism but completely unironi

  2. Josh Sykes Josh Sykes says:

    I haven t finished this book, but I ve read a lot of it and skimmed the whole thing So far, I can say that for a bourgeois academic study of Stalin, this is one of the best, objective and scholarly in a way that is comparable to the excellent Stalin s Wars by Geoffrey Roberts.

  3. Jim Jim says:

    A useful introduction to the world s most famous Georgian.

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