Story Hour PDF/EPUB ñ Paperback

Story Hour PDF/EPUB ñ Paperback In Story Hour, Hay takes many well known Jack and the Beanstalk, Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood and turns them on end Whether quickening our memory to the darkenss only hinted at before or highlighting the great joke we never caught, her poems always invite us back into what Miller Williams calls these old houses we thought we know so well

10 thoughts on “Story Hour

  1. Willow Willow says:

    I don t know why she isn t readHenderson Hay s poetry is lovely So thought provoking

  2. innae innae says:

    This book arrived in a Mythology, Fairy Tales Folklore bookbox from k00kaburra It was added to the box by GoryDetails.I was only going to read a little bitsee if I needed to keep this book and well, now I have finished I love the twists on the tales I know, and a few I am not as familiar with Perhaps Jack should be charged with Murder, as should those little brats Hansel and Gretel hmmmm This book arrived in a Mythology, Fairy T

  3. Mary Mary says:

    Sara Henderson Hay was immensely famous during her lifetime for her poetry This book is poetry relating to and retelling fairy tales Most subversive and wonderful.

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