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Paperback  Õ Summer Kisses Epub ñ This summer the sun has gone to everyone s headsFlora and Jenna should be working busy shifts but something fun has come up Two new arrivals have blown into Glen and life at the hospital could get tricky So it s time to set some rules Flora s summer is simple Avoid kissing Connor MacNeil He may be gorgeous, back in town and singlebut he snogged everyone except you at school, remember Jenna s summer Why I shouldn t fall in love with Dr Ryan McKinley list is a little complex I ve been divorced less than a year I m ordinary and he is a sex god I have my daughter to think of He might break my heartIt s so difficult to be good with temptation on the doorstep But rules are rules Summer is sunshine And, just maybe, a wish is a kiss that might just come true

10 thoughts on “Summer Kisses

  1. Nicola Nicola says:

    Loved The characters, the romance, the medical dramas, the setting, I loved it all Predictable A bit, but I give not one tiny care in the world as the two stories which make up Summer Kisses are precisely why Sarah Morgan walks on water as far as I m concerned Sometimes we don t begin a journey knowing where it s going to end

  2. Hannah Hannah says:

    Firstly I love the location of Glen Secondly I liked the two parts of the book being split between Flora and Jenna Part one was Flora I liked Flora, Conner took a while to grow on me with Flora However he was an amazing doctor from the start I wouldn t have minded seeing him as a patient Whatever the locals thought of him pers

  3. Nadja Nadja says:

    Luckily I ve read this romance before seeing that these were originally two cheap novels called The Rebel Doctor s Bride and Dare She Date the Dreamy Docbecause I would never picked them up These titles are hilarious Both stories were nice quick holiday reads Of course there was a story formula to all of it but I didn t mind be

  4. Eve Devon Eve Devon says:

    Been so long since I read a medical romance and this was like hearing a song you used to love on the radioit put a lovely big smile on my face I feel the first story in this duet had a littlestory and character depth, the second story felt like it ended a little too abruptly Nevertheless, I found both stories completely charming

  5. Siobhan Johnson Siobhan Johnson says:

    Lovely read, I have read a few of Sarah Morgan s book, in my mind this particular book isn t as good as others but still enjoyed it It s two diffrent stories, the second one is about two years after the first It s two diffrent couples, two diffrent stories but some of the characters are in both

  6. Tricia Tricia says:

    Loved this book really enjoy her stories

  7. Grace Grace says:

    I enjoyed both Freya and Jenna s stories Its perfect for summer read or cool afternoon read If you re looking for a light read, this book is perfect for you

  8. Dalia Dalia says:

    The Rebel Dr BrideI totally loved this book Once again SM proves that she is a great storyteller.Nurse Flora has the shock of her life Conner the famous bad boy is back on Glen island She had a crush on Conner but she was a shy teenager and she may be the only girl he didn t kiss back then Conner has done good by himself He has beco

  9. Jen - Reviews Jen - Reviews says:

    I ve just finished reading the first story of Sarah Morgan s medical romance double Simply called Flora, after the heroine, I LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS STORY Conner, the island s bad boy is back and no one will beleive in what capacity Not many women can resist this bad boy, not even sensible, shy Flora I felt so happy and uplifted after

  10. Cat Cat says:

    This was the perfect cheesy, predictable and cute romance novel that I needed I ve read a Sarah Morgan book before and I absolutely loved it I may need to buy a coupleShe certainly knows how to write a love scene I ll tell you that right now Her writing is very enjoyable and her characters are very easy to fall in love with Particular

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