Swept Away MOBI ñ Paperback

Swept Away MOBI ñ Paperback Work hard, play hard That s Candy Calder s motto Even so, she never thoughtimpressing her boss hottie Matt Rockwell would meanplaying harder than ever Instead of wowing him byworking at the beach, they re hitting a sexy festivalexploring the subtleties of networkingWorse, Matt s steamy looks are so tempting she can tkeep her hands off him Sex with the boss is not theway to get promoted, so she makes himswear their fun in the sun will end with theholiday But come Monday, will she beable to put this wild fling behind them

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  1. ThePerpetualBookJunkie ThePerpetualBookJunkie says:

    This sexy read sparkles with humor Since the incident in the office nine months ago, Matt and Candy seemed to find them selves awkward and uncomfortable with one another Tension was always palpable in the air whenever they ran unto each other If it was sexual tension or just plain anxiety over what happened, only the two of them could tell But came their Malibu vacation, Candy seized the opportunity to change Matt s impression of her She wanted to amaze Matt with her work ethic that she Thi

  2. Lynda Lynda says:

    Although Candy Calder believed in working hard, playing hard she realized she leaned too heavily on playing hard and she had to alter people s perception of her Thanks to a company test, her chance to achieve a position she highly desired was at risk The same test revealed her boss Matt Rockwell worked too hard and not very social Both of them needed to change quickly a deal was struck between them to help each other A Malibu vacation, experimentation of the new changes, and secretive crush Altho

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