Mass Market Paperback ☆ Texas Millionaire MOBI ñ

Mass Market Paperback  ☆ Texas Millionaire MOBI ñ Hmm This was ok 2.5than 3 stars I read it because it s the beginning of the Texas Cattleman s Club series and its various spin offs, some of which I ve already read I liked the characters, but the romance was very rushed I read a lot of books with insta love, and I don t have a problem with the concept, but there wasn t even insta love here it was just so bland and passionless. cute light reading a happily ever after book. In general it s a good book But unfortunately I didn t feel the chemistry between the H and the h I liked the H, but there is something off about the h I didn t like it. I liked this story and I liked the characters butt I have to say I didn t really connect with the them Regardless I liked the characters and how the other character s in the series were set up, I can t wait to read Sterling and Susan s book. THE OIL BARONHe was the epitome of masculinity and rich as sin But with midlife approaching, Texas baron Hank Langley was in sore need of a wife And finding a Mrs Langley from the bevy of social climbing beauties was a challenge even for this ex military manUntil Callie Riley, his new, much younger secretary, breezed into his life and took Hank s hardened heart by storm Suddenly he was learning about love than he d ever thought possible Could the millionaire convince this fresh faced country girl to say I do to an older man The Texas Cattleman s Club Five wealthy Texas bachelors all members of the state s most exclusive club set out on a mission to rescue a princess and find true love Cute story Interesting start to the series D1232 Aug99 May Dec romance, Callie Riley and Hank Langley, set up by her Aunt Book 1 in The Texas Cattleman s Club A secret mission to save a princess runs through the series. The ending was rushed.

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