Text + Field: Innovations in Rhetorical Method ePUB Ú

Text + Field: Innovations in Rhetorical Method ePUB Ú Rhetorical critics have long had a troubled relationship with method, viewing it as at times opening up provocative avenues of inquiry, and at other times as closing off paths toward meaningful engagement with texts Text Field shifts scholarly attention from this conflicted history, looking instead to the growing number of scholars who are supplementing text based scholarship by venturing out into the field, where rhetoric is produced, enacted, and consumedThese field based practices involve observation, ethnographic interviews, and performance They are not intended to displace text based approaches rather, they expand the idea of method by helping rhetorical scholars arrive at new and complementary answers to long standing disciplinary questions about text, context, audience, judgment, and ethicsThe first volume in rhetoric and communication to directly address the relevance, processes, and implications of using field methods to augment traditional scholarship, Text Field provides a framework for adapting these new tools to traditional rhetorical inquiryAside from the editors, the contributors are Roberta Chevrette, Kathleen M de Onis, Danielle Endres, Joshua P Ewalt, Alina Haliliuc, Aaron Hess, Jamie Landau, Michael Middleton, Tiara R Na puti, Jessy J Ohl, Phaedra C Pezzullo, Damien Smith Pfister, Samantha Senda Cook, Lisa Silvestri, and Valerie Thatcher

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    Overall, I found this book to be underwhelming Beyond the Introduction and Afterword, what existed inbetween only offered a handful of pull quotes for future writing The heavy emphasis on case study formating left much desired for theorizing It took me longer than expected to finish this book because I wasn t all that excited by it s content.

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