The Bull Rider's Redemption PDF/EPUB Þ The Bull Epub

The Bull Rider's Redemption PDF/EPUB Þ The Bull  Epub BACK IN THE RING Clover Van Camp meets her match when her plans to turn a struggling Arizona town into a Wild West resort are blocked by the hunky mayor, retired bull rider Danny Leigh To make things complicated, this isn t the first time the two of them have tangled Danny knows Clover usually gets her way, but this time he won t back down He s got a few things to answer for and a town to save Besides, reconnecting with his former fling has benefits, as long as he doesn t get distracted by their mutual attraction Will Danny and Clover let their ambition keep their hearts divided 2.5 starsThis didn t really work for me While the narrative style was fun, the plot didn t keep me engaged Danny s frequent accidents were ridiculous, not amusing I did enjoy the subplot with the dog and her puppies, but overall, this was a struggle for me. Miniseries Angel Crossing, Arizona Miniseries Angel Crossing, Arizona I received this book free through Goodreads First Reads.Great Story Loved all the characters in this story Really liked the chemistry banter between Danny and Clover and how Clover gets a backbone and stands up for what is right.

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