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The Clockwork Ghost MOBI ¿ The Clockwork  PDF/EPUB or It was only a few weeks ago that the Biedermann twins, Tess and Theo, along with their friend Jaime Cruz, followed the secrets of the Morningstarrs cipher further anyone had in its century and a half history and destroyed their beloved home in the process But the Old York Cipher still isn t solved The demolition ofW rd Street only revealed the next clue in the greatest mystery of the modern world, and if Tess, Theo, and Jaime want to discover what lies at the end of the puzzle laid into the buildings of New York by its brilliant, enigmatic architects, they will need to press onBut doing so could prove even dangerous than they know It is clear that the Morningstarr twins marshaled all the strange technology they had spent their lives creating in the construction of the Cipher, and that technology has its own plans for those who pursue it It is also clear that Tess, Theo, and Jaime are not the only ones on the trail of the treasure As enemies both known and unknown close in on them from all sides and the very foundations of the city seem to crumble around them, they will have to ask themselves how far they will go to change the unchangeable and whether the price of knowing the secrets of the Morningstarrs is one they are willing to pay

10 thoughts on “The Clockwork Ghost

  1. Amy Bruestle Amy Bruestle says:

    I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review a while back, but since it is the sequel to another book, I wanted to find and read 1 first Now that I have finished both, I can definitely say that I will be reading the 3rd and final book that concludes the York Cipher trilogy What a great read I was a little worried because

  2. Alaina Alaina says:

    THIS WAS SO GOOD Please tell me there s another book The Clockwork Ghost was, again, so freaking good I don t know what it is about this series but it s a lot of fun to listen to Maybe next time around, whenever I m in the mood for a re read, I will try out the physical or ebook version Just like in the first book, the gang is still solving the cipher which hone

  3. Skip Skip says:

    Like its predecessor, Book 2 in the York series is a wonderful combination of steampunk, mystery and alternate history With their upper west side apartment building destroyed in the last book, the lead trio twins Tess, Theo and friend Jaime are separated the twins live in Queens now with their parents, and Jaime with his grandmother in New Jersey They spend all of their

  4. Emily Emily says:

    I have no idea what s going on AND I LOVE IT New characters I ADORE that we get Karl s perspective Ono was so charming and I love him and he needs to be protected at all costs The blond ladies are great villains not as delightfully creepy as Stoop and Pinscher, but I find the implications of their existenceinteresting Can t wait to seeof Dr Newt New story developments view spoi

  5. Kirsten McKenzie Kirsten McKenzie says:

    A worthy successor to the first book in the series, which I devoured in two days Every page stunningly twisty and turny, leading you on a merry chase through a steampunk utopian New York City.With wonderfully age appropriate characters, and the right number of adults getting in their way, this code breaking romp is perfect for tween readers and their parents , and for those people who

  6. Aly Aly says:

    Once again, middle grade mysteries rock They re so much fun and not weighed down with too much dialogue and paced well There is so much going on in this book and even when we get clues, there squestions I also loved that we got random points of view, like Rocket the raccoon and Candy the blonde woman lol This book didn t have the urgency of the first, there s no deadline to solving the cipher

  7. Kim Kim says:

    To be concluded what Ok rewind, summarize This book is a continuation of the first diving further into the Cipher of the Morningstarr twins It follows the 3 preteens through discovering clues and the villains attempting to thwart their gain in the cipher I thought the clues in this book were way cooler and I even learned a few things I must admit I skipped over the different letter clues because obvio

  8. Rebekah Rebekah says:

    An excellent sequel I loved the character development, the many middle of the night escapades and the growing friendship between the three kids And I most heartily approve of the librarian, robot, and disguises Aunt Esther is the BEST The Jurassic Park thing in the middle there is a bit weird, and that new character there is a bitimpossible Actually, the last 50 pages or so were all pretty much impossible So

  9. Dreximgirl Dreximgirl says:

    I listened to this one on audiobook and really enjoyed it It wasn t quite as good as book one and I felt it didn t answer as many questions as I was hoping it would But I still love the characters and some new mystery elements are added in which make it evenintriguing The ending though I need the next book now What a reveal cliffhanger

  10. Kidlitter Kidlitter says:

    One has to admire a children s book that begins with a quote from Baudelaire about Paris What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open Life swarms with innocent monsters Fans of Ruby s previous book in the York series will know it is a perfect fit for the world of steampunk, mystery and alternate history she created so skillfully in the The Shadow Cipher, the first book of

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