The Debutante's Daring Proposal ePUB ì The

The Debutante's Daring Proposal ePUB ì The I want you to marry me Miss Georgiana Wickford has a plan to avoid the marriage mart she ll propose a marriage of convenience She hasn t spoken to the Earl of Ashenden since their childhood friendship was torn apart, but now Edmund is her only hopeEdmund refuses to take any bride, especially the unsuitable country miss who abandoned him years ago But when he sees beautiful Georgie at the mercy of society s rakes, it arouses his protective instincts And soon the earl is tempted to claim the daring debutante for himself

10 thoughts on “The Debutante's Daring Proposal

  1. Els Els says:

    Lovely story.

  2. ☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ ☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ says:

    Technically belongs on the angst shelf, with the misunderstandings and unrequited feelings, but view spoiler I just didn t feel the angst Like, the events in the book are angsty, but the characters don t seem to really feel the angst either At the end when they finally admit their feelings to each other, it felt like there wasn t any fanfare The set up is exactly my jam, but

  3. Harlequin Historical Harlequin Historical says:

    Miniseries Regency Bachelors Miniseries Regency Bachelors

  4. Elaine Elaine says:


  5. Coral Coral says:

    Plot 3 5Characterisation 4 5Prose 3 5How much I enjoyed it 3 5

  6. Susan Susan says:

    Good second chance friends to lovers story Georgie and Edmund had been good friends as children Both of them had been labeled as different and as a result were also each other s only friend Georgie was a tomboy,interested in fishing, fencing, and outdoor pursuits than in the girly ones of fashion, needlework, and gossip Edmund was fascinated by bugs and all things scientific As the heir to an e

  7. Emily Emily says:

    Once upon a time, Georgiana Wickford and Edmund, Earl of Ashenden were best friends Then he was sent Italy to recover from a childhood illness, and, despite promises to keep in touch, the two failed to For the first time in years though, Georgie has reached out to Edmund and wants his help He s still angry at her for her apparent abandonment of him, but he feels obliged to see what she needs Georgie

  8. Louise Marley Louise Marley says:

    I ve had a bit of a rough week and was in the mood for some pure escapism, so when this popped up on my Kindle I was delighted The Debutante s Daring Proposal is a historical romance set in Regency England The story is about two childhood friends, Edmund and Georgiana, who are now grown up Edmund is the Earl of Ashenden and Georgiana is about to be launched on Society They grew apart after Edmund was sen

  9. Jazzysmum Jazzysmum says:

    I enjoyed this offering from Annie Burrows, having read the first two in the series.I felt for both Georgie and Edmund as they found their way back to each other, despite hurt, lies, misunderstandings and meddling.I was delighted that Edmund put his domineering, offensive mother in her place quite firmly Not only that but he managed to put Georgie s vacuous and annoying step mother in her place too.True it wa

  10. Jo (Mixed Book Bag) Jo (Mixed Book Bag) says:

    Georgiana and Edmund were childhood friends but were separated 10 years ago They promised to write and keep in touch but someone made sure that did not happen Both wrote and through that their letter were not answered Now Georgiana needs help and turns to her old friend asking him to marry her The story moves from there Both have to turn loose of past hurts as they find that their friendship is still there but bur

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