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The Dragon's Call PDF/EPUB ¼ The Dragon's  PDF/EPUB In a war torn world, a careless act of destruction wakes a creature of myth and legend a dragon Mankind unites to battle for survival, but when dragons enter the fray in human form humans lose Three decades later, Cecily lives in an enclave with her father and brother Ignorant of life before the war, she placidly obeys the restrictions imposed by dragonkindStifled by court life, Derek, heir of the Dragon Queen, commits a petty crime To avoid punishment and chronic boredom, he escapes to the enclave His arrival sparks increased tension when he meets Cecily She realizes the limitations on her freedom, and Derek discovers his life is built on a lie Their forbidden friendship threatens to splinter the separation between their people, but something dangerous occurs A mysterious killer has kidnapped Cecily s mother and seems to be stalking Cecily Derek and Cecily must defy the rules of their society to find and stop the murderer before Cecily is next

10 thoughts on “The Dragon's Call

  1. Ash Ash says:

    This was a quick and easy read While I liked the idea behind the Dragon s Call, I wasn t overly impressed either All the characters, down to the asshole ex and his new bitch girlfriend neither of whom have anything better to do than pick on Cecily

  2. Jadie Jones Jadie Jones says:

    This was my first dragon based fantasy read, and it sold me on the subject The author seamlessly integrated a fantastical overtaking by dragonkind into a very plausible outcome She uses two POVs, and it s interesting because one is a man who survived th

  3. InD& InD& says:

    This is a beautifully crafted world of magic and miracles Read full review in February 2013 issue of InD tale Magazine This is a beautifully crafted world of magic and miracles Read full review in February 2013 issue of InD tale Magazine

  4. Carol Kean Carol Kean says:

    Cecily looks like a typical teenage girl Her boyfriend just dumped her her brother falls in love with her best friend, leaving Cecily without her two most trusted confidantes her dad is over protective of her AND expects her to keep her brother out of trouble thing

  5. Avid Reader Amy& Avid Reader Amy& says:

    Review as seen on Amy s Book World Dragons When I first read the title of this book I was nervous Dragons are usually a fixture in medieval times I wasn t interested in reading a book set in the dark ages This one is different it is amodern take on the tale of Dragons Th

  6. Alisa Alisa says:

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review I loved this book I found it to be refreshing and a unique spin on a story about dragons The author tells the story in such a way that the dragons are muchrelatable and not just fire breathing monsters that just want to ki

  7. Valerie Mcqueen Valerie Mcqueen says:

    My review of The Dragon s Call by K W McCabeRating 5 This book was provided free directly from the author in exchange for honest literary review The opinions voiced here are solely my own with no coercion or input from the author I felt like I d known her my whole life and had just

  8. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    absolutely adored this book I could not put this down From the beginning you get the feeling that there are much larger things at work The Queen and all of the dragons have so much secrecy, and the whole time you are wondering where Cecily fits into everything The chemistry between Cecily

  9. Witchy Reviews Witchy Reviews says:

    This review has been brought to you by Mombi at Witchy ReviewsUpon starting The Dragon s Call, I was slightly skeptical since I m not familiar with this sub genre of books However, I was pleasantly surprised with how quick I was able to read and how fast I wanted to turn the pages.With that bei

  10. H.J. Daly H.J. Daly says:

    Story In a war torn earth, humans no longer fight each other A greater threat has woken and humans are fighting for their lives but when dragons turn into their human form, the war is lost Three decades later, humans live in enclaves and everything is governed by the dragons Cecily lives with her fat

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