The Elements of Applied Psychological Practice in

The Elements of Applied Psychological Practice in The Elements of Applied Psychological Practice in Australia is a comprehensive and applied review of material required for basic psychological practice in Australia This book is the first of its kind to offer a one step resource to success in the Australian National Psychology Examination Nadine Pelling and Lorelle Burton have provided you with everything you need and , most notably A comprehensive review of applied areas and all assessments noted as important by the Psychology Board of Australia Study skills and tips, including making a study plan and how to manage your timesample Multiple Choice Questions MCQ with answers and explanationsFor anyone looking to take the Australian National Psychology Examination, this detailed, concise, and extremely easy to read book is an absolute must haveBeginning level and experienced psychologists will also find the comprehensive coverage of applied practice areas a useful reference for their client related work, and its value as a resource comes alive with its succinct presentation of client based psychological assessment and the ethics of applied practice and interventions This book will also be of interest to teachers of psychology and international psychologists and scholars who may be interested in how psychology is practiced in Australia

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