The French Count's Pregnant Bride PDF/EPUB ¹ The

The French Count's Pregnant Bride PDF/EPUB ¹ The Diana Reeves s search to find her birth mother takes her to a French village, and into the employ of Anton, Comte de ValoisIt s not long before their shared passion leads to pregnancy and Anton insists on marrying Diana But his intense desire to father a child causes Diana to question his motives for marriage

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  1. RLA RLA says:

    The story begins with the female character being told by her husband that he is leaving her for another woman Deeply hurt by this Diana takes a long time to recover and during that time decides that she finally wants to find her birth mother, she was previously put off this by her adoptive mother s sensitivity to the subject and her husbands disapproval She discovers that she was born in France and travels to the small village wher

  2. Tia Tia says:

    I originally read this novel in 2009 and did like it It was one of my first harlequins After reading it again, I still think it was a good read, however there are better ones out there There was little to the story line and hardly any villain, except for maybe Sophie herself, who was just had a vicious tongue.

  3. Desi Desi says:

    Terminado de leer el 03 01 2010

  4. Kobie Kobie says:

    I do love baby stories

  5. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    This was an okay quick read Never really felt drawn in to the story.

  6. Kara Kara says:

    I just didn t get all the hype I needed to whenever I read this kind of read.

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