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The Greek's Virgin Bride MOBI ê The Greek's  PDF/EPUB Promised to the Greek tycoonas his brideAs the illegitimate granddaughter of a famous Greek billionaire, Andrea Fraser was disowned at birth and grew up in poverty Now, at the age of twenty five, she is unexpectedly called to Greece, where shocking news awaits herAndrea s grandfather has found her a husband She s promised to tycoon Nikos Vassilis as part of a business deal But Andrea is strongly independent and has no intention of meekly accepting a marriage of convenience Nikos may be the most sophisticated man she s ever met, but she ll be leaving him the first chance she getswon t she

10 thoughts on “The Greek's Virgin Bride

  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Still love it May 2020 re read Really enjoyed this The villain in this one is the heroine s grandfather who has the hero on the hook to marry his granddaughter.Heroine only agrees to meet her grandfather for the first time because she wants to pay off her debts and move her mother, who has asthma, out of

  2. AvidReader AvidReader says:

    Yuck..yuck..yuck Oh my god the hero I m literally sick now One of the worst manwhore hero He is manho in the highest sense Just read the first page where he is thinking of his current mistress ,when grandfather of the heroine is proposing marriage.I was like I dont trust this author do I continue And I did My BLO

  3. willaful willaful says:

    Andrea has every reason to loathe her wealthy Greek grandfather he s never done anything to help her or her English mother, even when Andrea was in dire straits after an accident But when he summons her to Greece, she can t resist the possibility of getting money to help her ailing, exhausted mother Even if it means marr

  4. Romance_reader Romance_reader says:

    I had many issues with this one especially the part where the heroine Andrea is thrashed by her grandfather while the hero looks on without doing anything about it I just couldn t take to the hero after that, not even when he discovers her disfigurement and looks after her The heroine s character was ok, although she seemed to h

  5. Debbie DiFiore Debbie DiFiore says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Okay once the H saw the heroine, he was smitten He says he didn t touch anyone since the day he met her But I had to sit through his disgusting sexual memories of his two mistresses It was just gross I took off one star for that He was a pig And he had plans

  6. Kiki Kiki says:

    A manwhore who has not one but two mistresses gets a virgin wife.Now of course heroine didn t have the luxury to see the world but there is NO balance of power here.It is written not because that s how it happens.It s written because the author and publisher feel that s how it should happen.And the belief that no matter how soiled the male prot

  7. Vintage Vintage says:

    Reading two JJ s back to back was not a wise decision MOC story where yet another Greek patriarch blackmails a granddaughter AGAIN As AvidReader said, the H starts out as a real oinker thinking about his two mistresses and how good the sex is and how he needs somesoon he s glad his soon to be Greek wife will have been schooled by her mother in the fine

  8. Mou Mou says:

    Update 28.12.18I decided to read this one just to check how a safe author turns unsafe for me Avid reader was right The hero is gross Man whore word won t do justice He is a sex maniac Read Avid Reader Review He is always thinking about sex even after engaging to the heroine it was a business merger, and he didn t see the heroine He was thinking to continue hi

  9. Jenny Jenny says:

    I thought this book would be similar to The Virgin s secret by Abby Green but oh my god this book was nothing like that It was way better The heroine is a young hard working woman who was suffered a lot and the hero a complicated control addicted millionaire Andrea and Nikos have a connection right from the start and the romantic tension is intense I loved how near th

  10. Roub Roub says:

    the book was a complete flop andrea was physically scarred n off men due 2 dat complex n a bad experience she had when she was 22 she had been through very hard times lost her dad, involved in a tragic accident which nearly cost her her legs, n rejected by her vicious grandfather who, let me remind you, actually hit her beat her right in front of nikos nikos actually thought

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