The Heir Agreement 2 eBook ✓ The Heir eBook

The Heir Agreement 2 eBook ✓ The Heir  eBook This is a great story but frustrating to pay for 30pgs of a story and left with a cliffhanger for months until the next installment Why not use the time to provide the reader with a full novel There is so much potential with the storyline and characters and it deservesthan 30 pg installments I would give it 5 stars but frustration prevents me from handing over that additional star. Son of a gun, why do always end when things are getting interesting Now I have to wait for the third book Gaaaaah The rating is for the story, but I was seriously tempted to give it one star for being another cliffhanger series that is really the length of a very short story Why do authors do this It makes me feel ripped off and used I would have paid 2.99 for this book if all the books in this series would have been combined to just one book Instead the author forces you to dole out money for every 30 pages, which is insane It just makes me never want to read another book by this author. SERIOUSLY..NOT worth the I paid for it Good but a dead end Series or trilogy was never finished. How long till book 3 Please tell me not long Brooke s relationship with devastatingly sexy billionaire Alec Grant is supposed to be three things contractual, short term, and full of hot sex But when Alec finds out just how inexperienced Brooke is, he puts up his guard, doubting her ability to sleep with him without developing feelingsBrooke doesn t have time to sit around and lick her wounds The clock is ticking and she needs to make Alec see her in a not so innocent lightBut how can Brooke convince Alec, a man who always gets what he wants, to do what she wants The answer may be too hot for good girl Brooke to handle This , word volume is the second installment in the Heir Agreement serial erotic romance

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