The Hooligan's Return: A Memoir ePUB Ù Return: A

The Hooligan's Return: A Memoir ePUB Ù Return: A The long awaited memoir by one of Romania s greatest living authors The Hooligan s Return is a haunting memoir, vividly re creating Norman Manea s harrowing childhood in Fascist Romania while providing indelible portraits of Ceausescu s dictatorship and the pre and post Communist erasManea s observations about his visit inare intertwined with his reflections on his return to Romania after four years in Transnistria, in the camps to which large numbers of Romanian Jews were transported inAs the narrative utilizes one journey to illuminate the other, Manea s friends and family tell their own stories, and the topic of departure and return proves to be an obsessive constant As the story of a writer who is anything but militant, a literary man interested in moral and aesthetic questions than in politics, this compelling and beautifully executed memoir explores questions of identity, exile, and the conflict between life and literature, dream and reality, past and present

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  1. Ema Ema says:

    Nothing is incompatible in Romania. In 1986, at the age of 50 and three years before the fall of communism in Romania, Norman Manea decided to emigrate abroad, first to Germany, later reaching the final destination The Paradise, The Other World, The United States He was to come back one decade later, i

  2. Stela Stela says:

    Care mai s nt conota iile cuv ntului huligan n limba rom n , dup ce l au folosit Sebastian, Eliade i pardon Iliescu Cert, nu cele ale hooligan ului englezesc, irlandez, whatever Dac Eliade vedea n huligani noua genera ie a tinerilor intelectuali interbelici r zvr ti i mpotriva falselor valori ale lumii n

  3. Héctor Genta Héctor Genta says:

    Quando l autobiografia anche grande letteraturaL autobiografia di Norman Manea in forma di romanzo La storia di un esule nel mondo accompagnato da un senso di colpa, prima per non essere partito e poi per averlo fatto La storia di un ebreo errante perennemente in fuga, dalla dittatura del generale Antonescu

  4. Liviu Liviu says:

    Norman Manea is a well known Romanian author who lives in the US since the late 1980 s after leaving Romania in 1986 he is also of Jewish origins and had the misfortune of being deported in 1941 as a 5 year old child to Transnistria from where his family returned in 1945 While i was aware of his work and read

  5. Lavinia Lavinia says:

    Cind vine vorba de memoriile unei persoane e impropriu, cred, sa spui mi au placut nu mi au placut Motiv pentru care ratingul de 4 e mai degraba pentru scriitura, limba care e aproape un personaj in sine continut care divizat cu succes in episoade scurte se concentreaza pe cele 3 momente majore traite de autor

  6. Claudia Șerbănescu Claudia Șerbănescu says:

    Interesanta marturie asupra ideologiilor de sens contrar care si au dat mana asupra Romaniei interbelice si postbelice, din a caror stransoare au rezultat moarte, sange, lacrimi, nefericire si exil Pregatiti va pentru o lectura deloc usoara, atenta, concentrata Merita, insa, efortul.

  7. Jose Carlos Jose Carlos says:

    FELICIDAD OBLIGATORIA EN CLAVE DE KLa Rumania de Norman Manea era terrible y tenebrosa el comunismo empez con una pol tica de violencia bruta y se fue desinflando hasta los a os de miseria, el sistema entr en una aut ntica bancarrota La Securitate empez ya su adiestramiento en el a o 1944, cuando la URSS, cerca de

  8. Kathrina Kathrina says:

    So I made it to around 300 pages and now I want to set it aside I m feeling a bit guilty about it because the writing is beautiful, if dense, but Manea writes so circularly, revisiting the same storylines from varying perspectives and depths, sometimes first person, sometimes third, and sometimes, very confusingly, f

  9. Meri Meri Meri Meri says:

    I formally object to books that are so pretentious and needlessly intertextual just because the author is an academic I was very annoyed by the author s need to show off It makes me wonder whether the practice of quotation is a strategy of shying away from a tell all account and proving the interconnectedness of life a

  10. Alisu& Alisu& says:

    S nt un refugiat, pitit ntr un col al lumii, bucuros c pot respira, at t.

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