The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future MOBI

The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future MOBI A meaty, fast paced portrait of North Korean society, economy, politics and foreign policy Foreign AffairsThe definitive account of North Korea, its veiled past and uncertain future, from the former Director for Asian Affairs at the National Security CouncilIn The Impossible State, seasoned international policy expert and lauded scholar Victor Cha pulls back the curtain on this controversial and isolated country, providing the best look yet at North Korea s history, the rise of the Kim family dynasty, and the obsessive personality cult that empowers them He illuminates the repressive regime s complex economy and culture, its appalling record of human rights abuses, and its belligerent relationship with the United States, and analyzes the regime s major security issues from the seemingly endless war with its southern neighbor to its frightening nuclear ambitions all in light of the destabilizing effects of Kim Jong il s recent deathHow this enigmatic nation state one that regularly violates its own citizens inalienable rights and has suffered famine, global economic sanctions, a collapsed economy, and near total isolation from the rest of the world has continued to survive has long been a question that preoccupies the West Cha reveals a land of contradictions, one facing a pivotal and disquieting transition of power from tyrannical father to inexperienced son, and delves into the ideology that leads an oppressed, starving populace to cling so fiercely to its failed leadershipWith rare personal anecdotes from the author s time in Pyongyang and his tenure as an adviser in the White House, this engagingly written, authoritative, and highly accessible history offers much needed answers to the most pressing questions about North Korea and ultimately warns of a regime that might be closer to its end than many might think a political collapse for which America and its allies may be woefully unprepared

10 thoughts on “The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future

  1. Lisa (Harmonybites) Lisa (Harmonybites) says:

    I found few books on North Korea in the rather large two floor Barnes and Noble store in my neighborhood, and this was the only one in the Current Affairs section So this definitely fills a need, all thegiven how much North Korea is currently in the news Cha says his purpose in the book was to give Americans need

  2. Lars Lars says:

    North Korea has been dubbed the worst place on Earth, and as those who ve read accounts of people who have escaped from this bizarre and horrible place know, the moniker is fitting The oppression and menace imposed both internally and externally by the government of North Korea is, thankfully, beyond the imaginati

  3. Peter Beck Peter Beck says:

    The Impossible Book How to Get North Korea Wrong I wrote this review when the book came out I ll let you decide if it has held up to the test of time The North Korean regime was supposed to have collapsed by now Indeed, for years analysts debated not if the regime would fall, but whether the landing would be hard o

  4. Mark Maguire Mark Maguire says:

    This was a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging read written by a former adviser the George W Bush, whom was party to the ongoing negotiations with the DPRK to abandon it s weapons programmes and westernise itself As opposed to the majority of books on North Korea, the Author does not focus solely on the extraordinary

  5. Chris Gagne Chris Gagne says:

    I ve never been big on nonfiction, preferring mostly to learn about make believe worlds and characters over the real world and its notable figures But North Korea, in all its infinite secrecy and horror, holds a monopoly in my mind, and after seeing this book featured on The Colbert Report, I decided to give it a go

  6. Chris Chris says:

    I went back and forth on 3 or 4 stars for this, but I think 3 is the honest appraisal.This is a very interesting take on the history and culture of North Korea, generally from a foreign policy standpoint The author was involved with various diplomatic negotiations with North Korea, and was an advisor on East Asia for

  7. Ryan Gorman Ryan Gorman says:

    A Comprehensive book, the second book in my Korea series An education.It would be interesting to know how many diplomats that have worked with North Korea have any hair left Regardless if Pyongyang was cornered or backed itself into their current pathetic state it is clear to even their allies that the North simply doe

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    It has probably become apparent by now that I am fascinated with North Korea and how such an isolated country can still exist in this world of ever increasing abilities to communicate with people from around the globe I write this review from my couch in Chengdu, China, where I just got off Skype with my parents who liv

  9. Dan Wohl Dan Wohl says:

    If you re interested in North Korea who isn t this is a comprehensive look at everything about it, its history and its future There are tons of fascinating tidbits about the Hermit Kingdom, from the funny North Korean negotiators are apparently quite fond of quoting from Gone With the Wind in the midst of intense discuss

  10. Jeffrey Miller Jeffrey Miller says:

    With everything that has been happening on the Korean peninsula this past year, Cha s book is a must read to understand as much as we can what motivates North Korea.

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