The Kings Sister PDF/EPUB Ê The Kings PDF \

The Kings Sister  PDF/EPUB Ê The Kings  PDF \ 1382 Daughter of John of Gaunt, sister to the future King Henry IV, Elizabeth of Lancaster has learned the shrewd tricks of the court from England s most powerful men In a time of political turmoil, allegiance to family is everything A Plantagenet princess should never defy her father s wishes Yet headstrong Elizabeth refuses to bow to the fate of a strategic marriage Rejecting her duty, Elizabeth weds the charming and ruthlessly ambitious Sir John Holland Duke of Exeter, half brother to King Richard II and the one man she has always wanted But defiance can come at a price 1399 Elizabeth s brother Henry has seized the throne Her husband, confident to the usurped Richard, masterminds a secret plot against the new King Trapped in a dangerous web, Elizabeth must make a choice Defy the King and betray her family Or condemn her husband and send him to his death Sister Wife Traitor She holds the fate of England in her hands.

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