The Life of Corgnelius and Stumphrey: The Cutest Corgis in

The Life of Corgnelius and Stumphrey: The Cutest Corgis in Too cute I have a Corgi named Samson and I don t think he would have been quite so nice to the new boy puppy He s very protective of his mom He even barks when the one cat hisses He does get along fairly well with his sister a lab basset mix fairly well. Very cute book I love the pictures When I got this, I started reading it to my 10 year old and it didn t take long for my 14 and 19 year old kids to sit down and listen, too not to mention my husband Even though it s not listed as a children s book, I think that kids will really enjoy it as much as adults It s for anyone who loves dogs I absolutely love this book I had been eyeing it at target for quite some time and finally decided to buy it this past weekend I read the whole thing after a very stressful day at work The book definitely put a big smile on my face I love this type of dog and seeing these two together just made my day. I received this book through goodreads first reads I really enjoyed this book The photos in it were so adorable and I love how much personality the pups have It not only tells the story of 2 cute dogs, but in a doggy sense, helps in accepting the addition of a new family member It may not be that bad after all having a new sibling I think it s a great story for kids and adults too Best book ever Featuring pictures of corgis from cover to cover, the two most famous in the world Corgnelius and Stumphrey Would give it six stars if I could, best book of 2014.TLDR A , 11 10, would read again Adorably captures visual quirks specific to corgis head tilts, frozen stares, stumps, and so on , as well as the humor of dog to dog relations food actually tastes better when someone else wants it. Cute book Cute dogs Cute pictures But a five minute read For 13, I wanted a bit.Get it from the library Or read it quick while browsing at your favorite book store Or buy it used, maybe. Cute little book about some adorable dogs. Corgnelius was living the good life with his owners in sunny Los Angeles he was happy, healthy, likely the cutest corgi known to man and was the star of his own blog Then along came Stumphrey, a corgi puppy and Corgnelius s new brother After a short lived rough beginning, the two learned to share the spotlight and the blog became a sensation Known for their fashion forward style sense and love of adventure, Corgnelius and Stumphrey share their trials and tribulations as they navigate the great wide world, being extremely adorable wherever they go Note I received a digital galley through NetGalley.

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